adidas Athletics launch ZNE 90/10 jacket with Paul Pogba

Joe Walker

1 year ago

By Joe Walker

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Manchester United’s Paul Pogba is modelling the adidas Athletics Z.N.E. 90/10 jacket for the new product’s launch. The high-end hoodie is designed to help the wearing athlete achieve complete preparation, be they amateur or professional.

“The Z.N.E. 90/10 takes inspiration from athlete insight that only 10% of sport performance is physical, whilst 90% is mental. It builds on the distraction-excluding technology seen in the Z.N.E hoodie, with special features created to reduce distractions and allow athletes to find focus.” – adidas Athletics

This jacket is available in a striking black and grey colourway. The men’s jacket features long sleeves while the women’s version features short sleeves and all feature a motivation quote inside the hood. The photographs with Pogba come just a couple of weeks after the launch of the adidas football x Paul Pogba collection, and we expect adidas will be keeping him busy for a while yet!

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