Black Scale SS14 Collection

Black Scale's SS'14 collection is as on point as ever...

Ben Fawcett

6 years ago

By Ben Fawcett


Through the vessel of fashion & style, Black Scale brings balance to the lie within the truth interpreted by way of graphic art, clothing and accessories inspired by religion, government, identity and death. Black Scale challenges the consumer to question the ideals of everyday society & to decipher the world objectively, disregarding the view of the status quo. The goal for Black Scale is to evoke emotions and to create topics of discussion through our designs and to encourage the consumer to leave no stone unturned when searching for one’s own truth. This truth is represented and boldly stated at the hand of fashion. Ultimately the light resides in your hands.

Black Scale releases a full look at its spring/summer 2014 collection, and it’s a departure from the heavy street goth looks it’s become known for. This is a pretty normal move for the brand, at least for warmer seasons. Still, as this money print sweater shows, Black Scale’s pervasive themes of secret societies and illuminati references are still in the mix.

Not all items are about the dark arts. There are a few that are seasonally appropriate and can add some color to your wardrobes. Color blocked button-ups with polka dot prints, matching all-over print parkas and shorts, and bright paisley items just to name a few can bring your closet into the light.

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