Blakie turns up in NYC for new ‘Jump’ video

Grant Brydon

8 months ago

By Grant Brydon

Lewisham MC and producer Blakie has teamed up with online fashion platform VFILES to shoot a video for his new single ‘Jump’.

“‘Jump’ came together when I was at my girl’s house waiting for her to come home, just bored. I got excited and was jumping around and shit,” he wrote in a piece describing the creation of the track. “I slapped up this rhythm – “Listen to sound of the beat then jump,” just exploring this beat. That’s how the hook came about. I recorded the song the next day! All of the tracks that I make, I just write a note on my phone. I make a voicenote, and if I like it, I record it!”

In another piece for the site, Blakie describes the vision behind its accompanying video, and how VFILES, along with directors Jake Moore and Oliver Rivard, helped him to bring it together.

“I just wanted to turn up in the video,” he wrote. “I had a vision in my head of me coming into the club with whoever I came into the club with, security and all… Before I came to New York, I had an idea of what I wanted to do with the visuals, and how I wanted it to be. VFILES knew the places, and they knew people who were sick to be in the video.”

Press play on the video above.