P. Casso of the Run Dem Crew Youngers gets to Mile 21 at the London Marathon late.

9 years ago

By Teg

It’s your boy P, back again, no lyrics from me this time. Just checking in to fill you in on the RDC-infested Mile 21 at the London Marathon. Believe it or not, I would never have even bothered watching the London Marathon on TV before last Sunday, I won’t lie to you, but since last weekend that’s all changed.

I woke up feeling mystic, turned on the plasma and what did I see..? An RDC “Do Da Ting” banner waving around in the air like it was being yielded by a madman! – Darkz came to mind! Haha! My first thought “The team’s on TV!” Then reality struck…I’m late! I quickly got in touch with the other youngers and, as always, I was provided with the info I needed within seconds. I was on my way.

I knew I was close when I saw the bright-pink Tortilla van covered in graffiti that I was told to look out for. Impressive! I crossed the road greeted bell-swinging, banner-swinging, whistle-blowing madness. RDC IN THE PLACE! Crazy! It all felt like a mini-carnival, one big party. Classic, motivational music blasting from the huge speakers on the balcony above our spot definitely played a part in bringing everyone together.

Before I knew it, I was fully involved. High-5’ing and calling out the names of the runners’ tops as they pressed forward persistently. Whenever an RDC member approached, the whole family erupted like school girls at a Drake concert – shout out to whoever I stole that simile from at Nike HQ! Everybody had come together, all these creative people from all different walks of life, unified. I liked the spirit. It was very emotional, especially when Candice came through. We truly owned the London Marathon and I want to give a special shout to everyone who went with her all the way, that’s love.

Overall, it was a crazy experience and very inspirational. I’m hoping and looking forward to attempting next year since witnessing the aura that I did that day. I was glad that I was there. I was happy knowing I was surrounded by all these positive people that could only encourage good things. I was proud to be an RDC Young gun. Signing out. Peace

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