BOOST: On Set With Justanorm

Justanorm invite adidas BOOST to meet them on set as they lay out their plans for world domination...

Tego Sigel

7 years ago

By Tego Sigel


Self proclaimed “creative movement” Justanorm was born from Jamel Gordon Lynch, Jeremy Boateng, Boyd Alves, Chuck Achike, Dylan Williams and Harry Uzoka frequently meeting at model castings and finding a neutral passion for clothes, music, film and culture. Cracking the fashion industry both as a unit and also as individuals, you might have seen them on posters, in magazines and on the cat-walk for some of the biggest brands and designers on the planet, and although it’s their main focus, the energetic six-piece is about more than just modeling. Talking to RWD, the magnetic and incredibly motivated collective break down what it takes to be Justanorm.

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