British Artist David Boultbee Lights Up London With Power of Optimism Social Media Installation

Positive Tweets power David Boubtee's London installation...

Tego Sigel

7 years ago

By Tego Sigel


The gloomiest month of the year, Coca-Cola asked British artist David Boulbtee to add some positivity to the capital this week with a one-day installation powered by optimism through social media.

The Power of Optimism is made up of a combination of ten one-metre-squared cubes, five of which are linked to a real-time feed of Tweets sent across the UK, displaying 20 of the most regularly used positive words on Twitter, including ‘hope’ and ‘proud’. Lighting up as the words were Tweeted throughout the day.

Commissioned to highlight the positivity of the nation’s online behaviour, Coca-Cola wanted to follow-up the findings of an independent analyst which found that the UK’s optimism through Twitter is thriving, with positive Tweets outnumbering negative ones by more than two to one. In 2014 alone Tweets of a positive nature have accounted for nearly half of all messages sent on social media, an incredible 48%.

The study found that the word ‘love’ was used 77 million times last year, finding a home in as many as 200,000 to 300,000 Tweets per day. In January alone the word has been used an incredible 1.5million times.