Cartae returns with Ragz Originale-produced new single ‘You Care’

Grant Brydon

1 year ago

By Grant Brydon

After taking a hiatus from music, Mini Kingz representative Cartae returns with ‘You Care’ the first single from her forthcoming Minutes EP.

Over some typically immersive Ragz Originale production, and with additional vocals from 808INK, we’re transported into Cartae‘s mind where she examines her insecurities while yearning for a signal from a prospective lover.

“The video is basically what goes on inside my mind. I see everything in an abstract was,” Cartae told Hunger. “So this is my way of dealing with heartache and trying to move on whilst juggling the insecurities that come with chasing love.”

Press play above, and support ‘You Care’ via your preferred streaming service.