Dapz On The Map is ‘Off To Work’ with Jme for new single

Hi Ho...

Joe Walker

2 years ago

By Joe Walker

Midlands cult hero Dapz On The Map has never been one to rush anything with his music. When we spoke with him two years ago(!) it felt like his DSAW album might be around the corner, but that wait is still ongoing. What we have had since is Spring Clean, a collection of some of his best singles and mixtape tracks thus far, and last year’s mean-and-clean single ‘Mini Valet‘. That track was the lead single from an EP entitled Champion Settings, but Dapz retreated to the dojo not long after, and that was pretty much the last time we heard from the drop. Until now.

‘Off To Work’ is a track that has been teased on Dapz’s Instagram for some time, and now we finally get the full version after its premiere on Target’s BBC 1Xtra show last night. Produced by his partner-in-crime  Thomas Mellor – “the key to Dapz On The Map sounding how I sound” – ‘Off To Work’ gives the Seven Dwarves chant a modern twist for an infectious chorus, and a flow throughout that he and guest Jme take on that should get you off your arse and working.

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