Enigmatic London collective TTY release three act project ‘Cry, but Go’

Grant Brydon

12 months ago

By Grant Brydon

Enigmatic London collective TTY have released their brand new project Cry, but Go.

The three act body of work is the result of an 18 month stint holed up in the Young Turks studio, where the crew would write, produce, make artwork and throw parties that included DJ sets from Sampha and an appearance from RZA.

It’s the second body of work to be created by TTY under the label, but the first to actually materialise after they spent their previous marketing budget on a trip to Japan where they swear they were shooting a video.

The demanding collective of young and relatively undiscovered new talent have finally let loose of this second collection after issuing a contract to the label that included a clause asking for Maharishi jackets, an iPhone, a MacBook, Pioneer CDJ2000’s and a Prada bag amongst other things.

There’s no telling where TTY will take things next, but after listening to Cry, but Go we’ll certainly be along for the ride.

Press play below, and support the release via your preferred streaming service.