Eton Messy are #ReadyForAnything

Tastemaking digital dons Eton Messy are #ReadyForAnything...

Tego Sigel

6 years ago

By Tego Sigel


Since the emergence of a YouTube channel aimed at first solely to create their own playlists with their musical finds, Eton Messy quickly realised their tastes were not being adequately shared with the masses and as they posted their discoveries, the team saw the number of subscribers soar. Alya Mooro caught up with the Bristol hailing collective to discover more…

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“I’d find an artist that I’d like [on Soundcloud], then I’d see what they’d been liking,” explains founder Adam on one of the ways in which they’d discover artists to share on their now 250,000 strong YouTube channel. These days, of course, hundreds of music submissions find their way to the Eton Messy inbox, but their ethos is still the same: “It has to have a certain feel… at the moment there’s quite a lot of people who do the same things, so we try and find artists that kind of have their own little vibe, instead of following the crowd.”

“We just want to give this music that we enjoy as much profile as possible, and see the people whose music we enjoy prosper.”

Launching a record label this spring, the four piece collective have taken on Jack Bandit – the producer behind Black Butter group Clean Bandit – who is set to unveil his first offering in March. Evolving naturally from an online musical hub to a hugely successful club night, creating a record label was, apparently, always part of the plan. “We thought we’d focus on doing events first as we had some experience there, whereas the record label was kind of uncharted territory for us,” explains Charlie. And experience is something they have in abundance! For their first event, the foursome booked Maribou State, Bondax and Apple Bottom. But, considering how many artists have been snapped up by A&Rs solely off the back of being spotted on Eton Messy, it seems starting up their own record label was simply a natural progression.

“We don’t really want to focus the releases around club bangers,” says Adam on the aim behind the label. “We want the tracks to be songs… hopefully we’ll have remixes that cater for that as part of the package,” he continues. “Like an EP with an original song, then the other tracks would be remixes from artists that we support on the channel as well.”

Also being snapped up as DJs spanning Europe, the guys appear to be living a charmed life full of “pinch yourself” moments. But, as they put it, they have no delusions of grandeur: “All we want to do is put out the music that we love through the label and share the music from other labels… we just want to give this music that we enjoy as much profile as possible, and see the people whose music we enjoy prosper.”

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