Exclusive: Chip Talks Tinie Tempah and Trying To Define Grime In 2015

Following Chip's controversial Fire In The Booth freestyle, we've got a few exclusive quotes from the grime legend...

Tego Sigel

4 years ago

By Tego Sigel


We spoke to Chip last week (read here) a few days before he went and ripped into Tinie Tempah on Charlie Sloth‘s Fire In The Booth (watch here). We made the decision not to publish a few of Chip’s comments on the subject before we knew he was going to go as public with them as he did. We held the comments back in the interest of protecting both parties in that moment. Not because we exist to keep the peace (competition is a major part of this culture), but because in our 14 years we have seen and heard talented people do and say things they’ve come to regret in the short and long-term. RWD has earned the respect and trust of artists, producers, DJs, footballers, actors and personalities around the world who know that we’re always less interested in their mistakes than we are their successes. Chip and Tinie are two of our proudest success stories and in an ideal world they be as divided as they are. But this is not an ideal world.

With all of that said, here’s the best of the rest of Chip’s interview, done by Ben Fawcett last week.

Ben: We’ve had to wait a while for the stars to rise up through grime, so you’ll get Chip and you’ll get Tinie Tempah coming through and then a lull before the next star…

Chip: Absolutely! But as you say that PLEASE understand that I’m not like Tinie Tempah. Please don’t compare me to Tinie Tempah. I’m an ACTUAL MC. Let’s say Tinie Tempah with his first album. That was major and before that there was a wave of success – me, Tinchy, this, that and the other, but let’s be honest, and I don’t wanna point at people’s track records, there hasn’t really been that type of success since that wave, doing those numbers again. There hasn’t been a revolutionary shift in the culture since grime blew the first time. If there’s a field for that now though man has to take note of me! I’m the captain of what I feel is right. I’m a champion of the movement.

Ben: There was that point in UK urban where you felt that nobody was going to get the coverage without an indie-rock style singer on the hook…

Chip: Yeah and normally I wouldn’t get into this, but I can tell you care, so I will. You gotta remember that when it comes to that time, I’m not that wave in grime, I’m the one that people were copying when they tried to do that. Name the MC that was as credible as me that went pop and went number one at that age. I was sick.

I understand how it’s got to that point. Wiley tweeted the other day that if you want to be successful you’ve got to embrace different sounds and genres and I was like, “Yep, I’ll take the credit and the bullets for that!” Like, that’s me bruv, don’t lie, I’m the reason you’re trying all those different sounds and moves. The new MC don’t have to go and make Oopsy Daisy, Chipmunk did that for you! Do they want me to step into it with the new MC and just spin and throw him upside down on the microphone just to show that I knew what I was doing?

I went to Eskimo Dance the other day and thank god I had the chance to shell it down in my time, it was something on my childhood hit-list that I got to do. When I used to watch Eskimo Dance footage I would see bare peng light-skinned girls, so I wished I was old enough to go there. Shoobzing, skanking with the hair slicked down to the forehead. When I went there though, that wasn’t the crowd that was there, I don’t care who was there because it got murked. There has been a twist in Grime if we’re honest with each other. If you lived through it, you know. I wouldn’t wanna say what it is now because I wouldn’t know how to put my finger on it. Grime is Fabric now it’s not Palace Pavilion. If you know, you know and if you don’t, don’t talk to me man! That’s how it is.

Chip’s forthcoming EP Believe & Achieve’ – EPisode 1 is proving to be one of the most hotly anticipated releases of the year, by one of the most commercially successful and highly respected rhymers the UK has ever produced. Follow Chip’s moves for more official announcements around his huge independent release.