Exclusive Interview: Ambjaay – “my aim is to get way bigger than ‘Uno'”

LA rapper Ambjaay talks about breakout hit 'Uno', Blueface comparisons and wanting to build his own company

Denzil Bell

4 months ago

By Denzil Bell


The California rap scene is synonymous with flash, bumping beats and unorthodox flows, of which LA rapper, Ambjaay, has all.

He first came to our attention with his breakout single, ‘Uno’, and when Drake gave it a co-sign, that was the extra fuel it needed to be out of here.

Recently he released the follow up track, ‘Do Not Disturb’, which also sounds like a future hit; so with the buzz growing around Ambjaay, we had to get him on the platform to tell his story. Peep his conversation with RWD below!


In terms of your style, what do you say to people who compare it to Blueface?

At first it used to get to me, but now I don’t really care, if you peep game you’ll realise that it’s just the LA style we both have. We both winning, so it’s no biggie anyway.

The reception has been great for your breakout song ‘Uno’, how did it feel to achieve your first hit?

Yeah it feels good, I’ve just been trying to take everything a day at a time, but my aim is to get way bigger than ‘Uno’!

Looking forward, are you looking to build your own company?

That’s facts man. I want to sign other artists as well, so I won’t have to rap when I get older, because eventually I want to venture into other businesses to keep this ball rolling.


Would you rather do a show in New York or London?

London, because I go to New York a lot already, but with London that’s overseas for me, so once I start to branch out overseas, it’s a wrap!

Fajitas or Fried Chicken?

I ain’t going to lie, I’m gonna go with the fried chicken. I can’t give up on it, that’s all I really eat to be honest.

Splashing out on designer or saving money for a rainy day?

I would save money for a rainy day. Really and truly I don’t even be wearing designer like that, I still be shopping like I’m broke.

‘Do Not Disturb’ or ‘Uno’?

‘Uno’. That song changed my life and my family’s life.

If you’ve got one feature on a track, are you picking Jay-Z or Drake?

Damnnnn, that’s a hard one. I’d probably go with Jay-Z though, because he’s a legend. Drake hard too, but Jay-Z is in a whole different ball park. I mean the guy is a billionaire!


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Interview by Denzil Bell