Exclusive Interview: BenjiFlow – “I always make music like it’s the maddest riddim”

BenjiFlow breaks down his journey so far and chats to us about his 'BENERGY' EP

Denzil Bell

8 months ago

By Denzil Bell

Every time North London artist, BenjiFlow, jumps on the MIC, the energy is insane, so it makes sense that he named his freshly released EP, BENERGY.

Ironically, most of his songs actually sit at 100BPM and have what many would say is a slow tempo, but somehow he still finds a way to bring through the good vibes and get the people going; which can be felt on EP cuts ‘Deep End’, ‘Can’t Lose’ and ‘Somebody’, with all of them coming equipped with a hip-shaking bass and soul-touching lyricism.

Luckily, I was privileged enough to catch up with the rising star to chat about where this ubiquitous energy comes from, what people can expect from the project and obviously had to squeeze in the infamous quick fire five to test his chops. Read all about it below!


So your Mini Kingz associate Ragz Originale dropped his EP last Friday – I wanted to know how you guys came together to form the crew initially?

Mini Kingz was already a crew before I was there. But me, Ragz and Oscar had already been friends from before, as we grew up in the same area. So Ragz Originale and Oscar #Worldpeace were already there, along with CARTAE, then I was the last piece to be added to the puzzle.

In terms of your breakout, many people would say that it is ‘Deep End’, did you expect it to do the madness it has done in little over a year?

I didn’t expect the madness, but I try and make music like it’s the maddest riddim anyway. When I initially made it, my thinking was that this needs to be different from everything that is already out and even if five people mess with it, at least they know that this is Benji’s sound for sure. I actually wasn’t concerned with if it did amazing or not, my main concern was for the people to have a solid reference point of the type of music I make.

Benergy is out now – what can the people expect from it?

In terms of my sound, I’m not limited to one specific genre. So when you listen to the tape, you’re going to get loads of different feels from it. It took me a whole year to record it, so in that time I was able to put various flavours into the project; from soul, to R&B and a bit of flamenco as well.


Quick Fire Five

‘Deep End’ or ‘Jolene’?

My personal favourite is actually ‘Somebody’ you know. It’s a bad boy selecky. Every time I hear the bass I get a new feeling again.

The Boiler Room ENERGY moment or the Camden Assembly moment?

They served different purposes. The first time I performed ‘Deep End’ at Boiler Room, they had like a week to learn the song and it was still a vibe, but then by the time my headline show at Camden Assembly came along, everyone knew the words in the room.

Lasgidi or London (for the vibes)?

Lasgidi for sure, that’s my second home man. I’m trying to go back there ASAP!

Grime or flamenco (bigger musical influence)?

I think in recent times definitely flamenco, but I grew up on grime, so it’s still embedded in me. I keep that raw energy with me till this day.

You’ve got one last feature on the deluxe version of BENERGY, are you going for IAMDDB or Greentea Peng?

I have to go with shower-man DDB you know, she’s a selenky on the MIC.


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Interview by Denzil Bell