Exclusive Interview: Blac Youngsta – “Imma be here forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever”

RWD speaks to Memphis rapper Blac Youngsta about his sophomore album 'Church on Sunday'

Denzil Bell

8 months ago

By Denzil Bell

Since he came out with his breakout hit Heavy, Memphis rapper, Blac Youngsta, has been on a run.

From signing with Yo Gotti, to his money flexing antics, Blac Youngsta’s moves have gone from strength to strength over the years.

So just before the Blac star goes into supernova, RWD caught up with him to talk about his sophomore album, Church on Sunday, which is out today – read all about it below!


What was it like growing up in Memphis from age 12-22?

It was rough. At 12 I was rolling with pistols. I come from the street life, but I don’t glorify it, as you can see I’m always happy. I don’t fake being happy, if I ain’t happy, I wouldn’t have even come today. But yeah it was rough man, walking home from school, I had to go through the opps block to get home. My momma and grandma didn’t even know what I was going through. They didn’t understand how much I went through just going to school. I never got a chance to live my childhood, so I think when I turn 50, I’m going to switch things up and live my childhood.

What was your mindset when you created ‘Heavy’?

I had just lost my little brother, my first brother I lost and when I lost him I gave up on music. I felt at that point I was losing so much, I couldn’t take it. My brothers death really messed with my head. But I’ll never forget, I was talking to momma and she asked me “why I’m not in the studio”, and I didn’t even answer back properly, because my mind was somewhere else. Then she was like, “you need to keep going”. It was like as soon as I started going through a lot, everything started going good for me with music. ‘Heavy’ was the next song I made after I lost my brother and that sh*t went, I haven’t looked back ever since. I can say I’ve made a million dollars off that one song. Off shows alone. That song took me around the world.

What was it about CMG that made you want to sign with Yo Gotti?

When I first met Gotti in the beginning, he was a serious business man. He was shooting a video at a stadium in South Memphis and I took over his video shoot, in a good way. I was just dancing, kicking sh*t, talking sh*t, happy, turnt. Clip hella long. totting that whoopty whoop, you know I had that whoopty whoop on me. But I guess what intrigued him about me, was that he had never seen a gangster have so much fun.


Quick Fire Five

‘Heavy’ or ‘Tissue’?

I wanna say ‘Heavy’, because that’s what popped me off, but Imma say ‘Tissue’, coz that sh*t gangster. I was in my element with that one.

Target or Off-White?

I’ll go with Target over Off-White, I don’t really care about designer. I know I’m fresh as hell right now, but I don’t really care about that stuff.

KFC or Chic Fillet?

Damn bruh, you put me in a sticky situation with this one. I want to say KFC, because I wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for KFC. That’s where I ate at when I was little. I say KFC, because I can eat everything on their menu, but with Chic Fillet I can only eat a few things.

Summer Walker or Ari Lennox (for the feature)?

I say Summer Walker. I prefer her, only because she’s kinda new right now and I don’t think she’s faking it. I liker her vibe, so I’ll go with her.

2.23 or Church on Sunday?

Church on Sunday bruh. 2.23 was my first album and all my mixtapes I made meant more to me than 2.232.23 only meant something to me because I made my first million dollars in less than 223 days with that project. But at that point I was doing it for someone else. But with Church on Sunday, I’m doing the songs I want to do, along with the songs they want me to do. So I’ll go with Church on Sunday.


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Interview by Denzil Bell