Exclusive Interview: Jme & Logan Sama discuss social media & reveal that new album is ready

Jme & Logan Sama discuss Boiler Room's Open Mic, the pros and cons of social media & announce forthcoming Jme album...

Grant Brydon

4 years ago

By Grant Brydon


In the third instalment of our conversation with Jme and Logan Sama at Red Bull Studios ahead of Red Bull Music Academy presents Tropical, we get into the issues that everyone wants to know: Why did Jme stop Tweeting? And when should we expect the follow up to ‘Blam!’

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Logan, you’ve just announced Open Mic with Boiler Room, where people can record themselves spitting over Rude Kid’s ‘Saturday After Next’ instrumental and submit it for the chance to get on the mic at the next session. What was the idea behind that?

L: I don’t know whether this applied to Jamie, but there’s so many artists and even DJs as well, that I know, that their first opportunity to ever perform publicly was at a youth club. And so many of those are being closed down, and so many of those music projects have been losing their funding, that the whole thing of being able to go youth club on a Friday night to spit your newest bars and clash with the local MCs or the MCs that have come from a different area, if you ask any of the guys that was like their day in day out. Before you ever got to pirate radio, youth club was where you were really learning what you were doing, literally from the ground up.

So we wanted to give people the opportunity that maybe can’t get on pirate radio, can’t get on Internet radio, definitely are not going to get played on mainstream or commercial radio, to have a chance to come down and MC to their peers basically. And you do get to say you’re on the same line-up as Skepta or Stormzy or P Money or Flirta or whoever, and just to give them opportunities. I have access to this Boiler Room platform, which is so powerful around the world – so many eyes are on it. And I want to use that for the full extent that I can.

I’m so thankful for working with Boiler Room because they get it, they want to do cool shit. I’m all about doing all the cool shit that I can, I don’t care whether it pays off now, or tomorrow or in five years time. If it’s exciting artistically or if it’s an exciting experience, then that’s enough motivation for me.

Shot by David Townhill

If you begin to type, ‘Jme’ on Twitter it suggests ‘Jme Not Tweeting’. The people want to know where you’ve gone! And on the flipside, Logan is very active with his Twitter. What are the pros and cons of Tweeting for you both?

L: Jamie’s doing some made up marketing campaign, not Tweeting.

J: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

L: He basically wants to know why you’re not Tweeting.

J: No, he wants to know why you’re Tweeting so much!

L: I’ve got bare stuff to promote. Loads of stuff.

J: Nah, I got Logan’s Twitter he ain’t writing nothing bruv, he’s talking about football and that.

L: That’s lies bruv. What you gonna say next I’m talking to glamour models as well. Bare lies bruv!

J: Back in the day Logan used to talk to bare glamour models! Back in the day, if you go on Logan’s timeline…

L: What’s that thing where you do your Tweets from five years ago?

J: Timehop!

L: Yeah, Timehop’s peak!

J: Timehop on Logan’s thing, it’s mad! Look man. On Logan’s timeline now he’s talking about things, but watch I’ll go back, it’ll be football bruv.

L: Nah bruv.

J: Yes there will be football bruv!

L: There will be a bit of football.

J: Bare bruv, look now you’re going to see it, watch bruv.

L: You might find the 2-2 Arsenal Tweets from last night.

J: Champions league! This guy’s on football man. Anyway. Yeah, I didn’t Tweet for no reason bruv. I just didn’t Tweet one day, and then I didn’t Tweet another day and then I haven’t Tweeted for time.

L: That’s the thing you need to understand about Jamie, a lot of it looks calculated but…

J: What you mean understand? There’s nothing to understand! Nothing’s actually happened.

L: Exactly.

J: All that happened is one day I didn’t Tweet and then…

L: And then it became two days.

J: Yeah I haven’t Tweeted in time now. I’ve got so many things that I want to Tweet but then you know what, I read people’s Twitters and I think ‘That’s what I’m going to end up doing, just chatting’. No, I don’t want to do that. I don’t know man, I might go back, I might delete my Twitter.

L: He’s just going to move to Instagram full time.

J: Instagram’s shit man. I’ll never have Instagram. Never.

L: Are you still doing Vines and Snapchats?

J: Vines are sick, I’m going to do a Vine now. Snapchats? I’ve never done a Snapchat in my life.

L: I don’t know, I don’t use Snapchat.

J: Snapchat? No way. Snapchat is good but it’s a private thing.

L: Vine is like the best DJ in the world as well by the way. If you want to get a tune big. So many tunes get big off Vine.

J: When I finally get out to a club to do something and a DJ’s playing, a hip-hop DJ or whatever, all the tunes he’s playing I’m like ‘Oh my god, I only know this bit from Vine.’

L: I only know ten seconds of this tune.

J: Yeah I know that little bit there. Vine gets tunes big. But I like Vine because it’s fun, it’s creative, you loop things, it’s good to get new things out – it’s fun man. Instagram, it’s too small, you can’t zoom in, everyone’s pictures have filters on them, it looks so stupid, and it’s so pretentious, it’s so narcissistic, it’s crap man. It’s just a photo-blogging site, but it’s made so crap. And I just think, ‘You know what, I never want that.’ I never want Instagram, I don’t want it, it’s rubbish.

I’ve got a Flickr and I put high-res pictures on there. If I was at the ‘All Day’ [Brits] performance and I got a good picture from it, I would put it on my Flickr. People can have it as a wallpaper, it’s a big high-res picture, it tells you what camera, what date everything. It’s like a professional photo uploading site. Instagram’s just like for kids. I don’t know why everyone’s got it. It’s annoying.

But then Twitter is good because I can get things off my brain very quickly, say it and it’s gone, it just goes. You can do 5 million Tweets and they just go, you don’t care about it anymore. Twitter’s like a little notepad that you can let people see, and people can read it however they want to read it – they can read it in your voice in their head. I like using Twitter for humour as well. I couldn’t really use Instagram for humour, because I can’t upload like funny pictures. But yeah, I dunno man, Twitter I’ll come back at some point. I finished my album now as well so, might be back soon, I don’t know though.

I wanted to ask you about the album, I was at a Wiley gig a couple of weeks ago and he announced that you were next up to drop an album after Skepta…

J: My one? It’s finished man. I could release it tomorrow, but yeah, Skepta’s announced his before me innit. So I should really wait for Skepta to do his. Wiley text me and I said I’m gonna wait for Skepta to do his. But Skepta hasn’t got a date man, I don’t know what he’s doing.

He keeps saying March 1st.

J: That’s this weekend innit?


J: If it comes out this weekend, then I’ll put mine out straight away, I don’t care.

L: What, next day ting?

J: My birthday’s in May so I might put it out in May. That would be good.

L: You heard it here first! Exclusive.

J: Maybe though, it might not be, don’t say nothing. This is an interview!

L: Don’t call him B.

J: Who said B?

L: You said ‘May B’

J: Ahh, Stop it. Yeah, I don’t know. My birthday is in May, maybe May, if not… before Summer innit! I want people to be playing it over the Summer.

Look out for more from our conversation with Jme & Logan Sama dropping soon, and if you missed either of the first two parts, head back and read those here and here

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Words by Grant Brydon