Exclusive Interview: K The Infinite – “I want people to listen to the project in different environments”

K The Infinite chats to RWD about the soul-filled Merkaba project

Denzil Bell

9 months ago

By Denzil Bell

K The Infinite is a soulful rapper from Essex by way of Camden and today he gifts us with the soul-shifting tape, Merkaba, packed with 9 spiritual vibes.

In his own words, he tells RWD: “I want people to listen to the project in different environments. Don’t just listen to it in your bedroom; listen to it when you’re on a bike ride or when you’re chilling in the park or even when you’re taking DMT (says laughing). I feel this is how you get the best out of music”.

So make sure to take in the project at the bottom and get acquainted with the man behind the bars with the interview below.


Where does the name K The Infinite come from?

My government name is Kwojo, which is a Ghanian name. But at first I went by the name Kaos when I was doing grime and it evolved from there, turning into Kaos The Infinite. However, I didn’t feel this name represented me enough, I just sounded like some violent guy (says laughing). It didn’t have any magic to it, so I added the infinite and just thought still, Kaos doesn’t really work, so let me just be myself and go with K.

What about the Headband you wear?

For everybody that watches Naruto, you’ll know about the different villages and the different villages have various characters, who have different strengths. I love Naruto and I think of myself as a superhero when I’m on set, so I just brought the headband into real time.

Tell me about the concept behind the Merkaba tape?

Merkaba means your spiritual body. As you go through life you face multiple trials and your spirit strengthens as you overcome the tribulations. So that’s basically what the project represents.

What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt from mistakes of your youth?

I’d say the best lesson I’ve learnt is to know who you associate yourself with, because your friends determine your future. I moved from Camden to Essex and if I’d stayed in the ends, then I’d probably be in prison. But by associating myself with new people that are on a positive path, I was able to change my life around.

Have you actually tried LSD before and if so, what was the experience like?

I hope my mum’s not reading this (says laughing). But yeah, I’ve done psychedelics before and it’s a very mind opening experience, with the way that you can see reality in a different way. But yeah, don’t do drugs (says laughing).


Quick Fire Five 

Meditation or prayer?

Meditation, because with prayer you’re asking for the universe to give you something, whereas with mediation you’re asking for peace now. I feel like dealing with the present is more important than dealing with what you want.

Good times or challenging times?

Challenging times, because they put you through your test, so you have to get stronger through them. When everything is good it’s just all a bit too glossy. There’s the saying that smooth seas don’t make good sailors.

Old age & wisdom or youth & inexperience?

Youth & inexperience, as it’s fun to just experiment with life, try new things and grow. Once your in your old age, you don’t have the energy to do as much. Your youth is precious.

Rum or Cognac?

Rum always. Dark rum.

Dolapo or Ms Banks?

Ms Banks definitely. For looks and the feature. That’s a nice punchline there (says laughing). She’s fine still.


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Interview by Denzil Bell

Photos by Blaow