Exclusive Interview: Kida Kudz – “I’d say my top Afrobeats artist is myself. I won’t lie to you, I listen to myself a lot”

Kida Kudz gives us an insight into his Afro-swank sound with his debut mixtape 'Nasty'

Denzil Bell

7 months ago

By Denzil Bell

Kida Kudz is aiming to be the number one Afrobeats artist with his Afro-swank sound.

Growing up between Nigeria and The UK helped him to create his unique soundscape consisting of Afrobeats, UK rap and bass music and now that the world is clocking onto Afrobeats with it becoming a global force, this was the perfect time for Kida Kudz to drop his debut tape, Nasty.

Including heavy-hitters Chip, Jaykae and Tanika, the project packs some serious flavour in terms of vibes and firmly puts Kida Kudz up there in terms of front runners in the Afroswing scene. So before Kida Kudz truly takes off, I had to chat to the Jiggy Boyz top member; tuck into the words below!


What has the reception been like for the Nasty mixtape?

The reception has been mad, especially in Africa: it was at number three in Nigeria and stayed in the top ten for a week on the charts. My core fanbase is actually out in Nigeria, that’s where my people are at.

So I know you grew up between Nigeria and the UK, how would you say that influenced you musically?

I moved to the UK in my early teenage years, but I spent my childhood in Nigeria. In terms of music it meant that I had a wide range of influences growing up and I managed to take what I needed from the music and create my own sound.

‘Issa Vibe’ was your first song to cut through, did you expect it to blow up like it did?

I knew it was a sick song and amongst my friends we liked it, but I never knew it was going to bang like it did. But bit by bit the track grew on people and it gradually became an underground hit.


Quick Fire Five

In terms of vibes: Lagos or London?

I prefer the vibes in Lagos. It’s home to me, that’s where my peoples is at!

Are you more active at 1am or 1pm?

Both. You might catch me working out at 1pm or out and about at 1am.

Bigger influence on you: grime or Afrobeats?

Afrobeats. I’d say my top Afrobeats artist is myself. I won’t lie to you, I listen to myself a lot. It’s another way of getting better as an artist, because you can see what you need to improve or add on.

Manchester United or Jiggy Boyz FC?

Haaaa, Jiggy Boyz FC, you already know. I don’t really like football; Jiggy Boyz FC actually stands for Jiggy Boyz fan club. When I was younger I used to watch football, but I had this weird temper where I might smash the TV if my team loses, so I stopped watching it.

Ignorance is Bliss or Nasty?

‘Nasty’ mixtape. That’s the sh*t at the moment. You know sometimes you just have to appreciate yourself. I’m one of those guys who never used to give myself credit, so lately I’ve been trying to big up myself.


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Interview by Denzil Bell