Exclusive Interview: Killavesi, Adamn Killa & Jammer get motivational on ‘Make A Way’

Grant Brydon

1 year ago

By Grant Brydon

After meeting Skepta at a Coachella afterparty earlier this year, Chicago rappers Killavesi and Adamn Killa took him up on an offer to attend Boy Better Know’s O2 Takeover in London.

Connecting with Boy Better Know on similarities in sound, work ethic and upbringing, the pair naturally gravitated to studio sessions with the crew, recording a lot of music over their short stay.

“Adamn and Killavesi got me on my shit when they was in London,” reflects Jammer. “After every beat that got played, within five to ten minutes one of them was ready to record. They’re a super dream team: as soon as one of them powers up with a verse or a hook, the other one was in the booth putting it down. They are real hard working, they got me back on my 2001 s**t. I’m back in the studio doing ten to fifteen tunes a day after spending a week with them.”

The first of these collaborations to be shared with the world is the hypnotic ‘Make A Way’, a Killavesi helmed track that reflects her motto and motivates those trying to find an escape from their current situation. When Jammer and Adamn heard the hook they both wanted in, each delivering a verse full of their own hustle mantras.

“This one had everyone jumping and shit in the studio,” Adamn remembers. “As soon as Jammer and me heard the hook we was turnt!”

Jammer agrees: “‘Make A Way’ was one of the standout records we made in the time we spent recording together in London,” he explains. ‘It was automatic. As soon as Killa put the hook down we knew it was fire. Watch out for these two, they are a big problem for the music world.”

You can now watch the video for ‘Make A Way’ below, and scroll down to read our exclusive interview with Killavesi…

How did you find yourselves to be in a recording studio in London with Adamn, Jammer and Skepta?
After Coachella earlier this year, A$AP Lou invited us to an afterparty near the festival where we met Skepta. We also met up with him at Hard Festival and he invited us to London to attend the BBK Takeover at the O2 Arena.

When we got to London we met Jammer and some more of the Boy Better Know guys that we hadn’t already met. Skepta booked a studio one of the first nights and we stayed there recording over Skepta’s beats until 8am. The next day we went to a studio Jammer booked and we recorded ‘til like 6am. We went to the studio everyday after that.

How aware were you of the BBK guys and their work before the sessions? 
Before we met Skepta, I didn’t even know what he looked like. We’d heard his songs at a couple of functions but had no face or name to them. I saw he was on Drake’s ‘More Life’ though. I’d never heard of BBK before we met at Coachella.

Do you feel like there is a natural link between their music and the stuff you and Adamn are doing in Chicago?
Definitely. It comes from the same place, spiritually. The link is way deeper than the music though. We’ve all been through similar things growing up in marginalized communities. Jammer, Skepta, and the rest of the BBK guys are all also a super positive group, focused on working their way to the top, the same as me and Adamn.

How would you describe the chemistry in the room? Jammer said he felt like it was 2001 again! 
Very calm and inviting. They like to dim the lights in the studio. I’m a very anxious person so it took me a little bit to adjust to working with people that I didn’t know, but Jammer made that very easy. He’s super energetic and full of life, it’s easy to record quickly when you’re in such a pleasant environment. Skepta was very chill and laid back. It was fun to record something and see how crazy they reacted, they really f**ked with the music. After we got out the booth and played the s**t on the speakers everybody was jumping around with high energy.

He also described the motivation that you and Adamn get off each other in the studio, what is it about recording with him that pushes you?
If it were up to Adamn, he’d probably never stop recording. When I see him working so hard, it motivates me to work harder. I feel that since I’m a woman people don’t expect me to be a real, hard working rapper, so I feel like I need to prove them wrong. Adamn really pushes me to be more confident in myself because he really believes in me, I really value him, my MVP. 

Where does your work ethic come from? We’ve heard that a lot of music was made in those London sessions…
I’m actually a super procrastinator. My work ethic comes from inspiration. In London, I found myself super inspired by Adamn, BBK, and just being in Europe. Growing up with lights and gas and shit being cut off at times is also a major inspiration. I’m never going back to that again and I won’t let my mom either, as long as I can help it.

Why was ‘Make A Way’ the track that you wanted to lead with?
It was the song that had one of the biggest impression on those who heard it. When I was recording the hook Jammer started screaming at the end, you can hear it at the end of the first hook. That was a big sign for me that this was a big song. The lyrics are also very meaningful to me; “Ain’t s**t impossible, I will make a way.” That’s basically my life story and my motto. I made this song for myself and everyone else out there going through a hard ass time looking for a way out.

Could you tell us about shooting the accompanying visual?
Super fun. Jammer had his mom cook us up some vegetarian curry – soooooo good – and he brought the Henny and Coca Cola. Me and Adamn’s outfits are Nasir Mazhar. The rest is history. Shout out to Bipolar Spider and Serene Power… and Jammer’s mom of course!

Killavesi’s new album Killa is coming soon…