Exclusive Interview: Krept & Konan – “our revenge is the success”

RWD sit down with Krept & Konan to chat about the ups and downs of their decade in the scene

Denzil Bell

9 months ago

By Denzil Bell

Having been in the game for 10 years, Krept & Konan are now young OGs.

So as their career span reaches a decade, the duo are set to unleash their sophomore album, Revenge Is Sweet.

The title of the project references all the internet trolls and naysayers they’ve had to deal with over the years. Instead of replying over the internet or meeting them to beef, Krept & Konan just put the energy into: creating songs; winning awards; doing more shows; stacking further funds and inspiring the people dem. That’s their answer to everyone that is chatting rubbish about the Play Dirty squad.

Their revenge is the success; so as they prepare to release their second album, RWD talks to the duo about the winning mentality which has turned them into certified moguls.


I’ve been banging out the ‘Rap Game UK’ for the last few weeks and it’s my programme at the moment – how was the experience judging the rappers on the show?

Konan: Because we’d never done it before, it was all a new experience and your always apprehensive with something new, so we kind of went into it guarded. But then once we got to meet the contestants on the show and got to know them, we got more comfortable with the whole process. Also, the more challenges we put them through, we kind of got a feel for who’s who and who’s good at what and in turn, as you get further acquainted with the talent, you kind of get more passionate about them. When people start messing up, you start taking it more personal. Whereas at the start there is much less feelings involved. But as the show went on we proper wanted them all to do well.

Through the competition who’s growth were you most impressed with?

Konan: To witness Kiico’s growth and Chaide’s was amazing, because at the start of the show they were both very shaky. Chaide’s hands were even shaking when we were talking to him initially, he was nervous! When he was going to rap, he was overthinking everything, so let me say Chaide. He was overthinking it and I’m an over thinker myself, so I could relate. Especially rapping in front of us and Target, it’s alway going to be difficult if you’re just starting out. All these artists that you see doing their ting, you’ve got to go and rap for them, which would be a lot for most people. You have to possess a mad type of confidence to be able to ace that off the jump. I still even get nervous when we’ve got a big show. So to see where Chaide was able to get to was sick man!

It’s mad how far you guys have come, this year makes 10 years since Redrum – do feel like elder statesmen within our scene now?

Konan: Yeah, I feel like we’re a bit like the young OGs.

Krept: We’re like the middle.

Kind of like what J.Cole said in ‘Middle Chid’?

Konan: Literally.

Krept: We’re literally in the middle, because were not in the same age bracket as the OGs and we’re not in the same age bracket as the young Gs: we’re smack bang in the middle. It’s literally us and Chip.

You’ve even gone into radio with your Play Dirty show – what was the inspiration to start that?

Konan: It was just another lane to showcase our personality. We used to do something on Snapchat called Ice Cream Radio, where we would be running riddims and then we got the opportunity with Beats Radio and we were on it 100%. With our personalities we like to have fun and banter, so we came on the same vibe on the show, just messing about with the guests and creating good conversation. This was our first radio show, so we thought lets just get the mandem on to make it organic. to be honest with you, we were only meant to do six shows, but now we’re on like 32 at the moment. Apple just kept extending it, as they thought it was sick!

Will you be getting Wiley on the platform to settle his beef with Ed Sheeran and Drake?

Konan: That’s a good idea, didn’t even think of that and he would probably come on (says laughing). That would be a shout, we need to holla him!

What are your thoughts on that situation?

Konan: You know what, everyone’s got their opinion on the situation. We all know Wiley is an OG in this ting, he’s one of the originators of the grime scene.

Krept: I just see it as entertainment.

Konan: he’s just going to have his own opinion and we’ll never know why he’s really doing this.

Krept: He’s telling us why though. But for all we know it could be something else.

Konan: He’s saying the mandem are doing this and doing that, but there’s a reason why you’re addressing it though. Because there’s a lot of gripes we all have with the scene, but we don’t go on the internet voicing all of them.

I like what you guys are doing for the community as well, how is the PD foundation going?

Konan: it’s going alright, we’re just waiting to meet with the council at the moment and we’re in talks to build a youth centre as well. We want to include: football, hairdressing, nail-tech and all of that. It’s not concrete, but that’s definitely our aim.

Krept: Basically it’ll be along the lines of the stuff we are doing now, but more permanent.

Konan: And if we’re able to build this youth club, it’ll outlive us and be around for the next generation. It can help people get off the roads and out of desperate predicaments.

Wicked, so Crepes and Cones turned one recently – how has the first year gone?

Konan: Brudda! we could have made a TV about it, it was mad.

Krept: And you would be entertained from start to finish.

Konan: Bro, it was scandal after scandal.

Krept: It was like a reality TV show.

Konan: Chefs having one on ones in the garden, it was crazy (says laughing).

Krept: And because the staff all became close, a few of them got into relationships outside of work and then they would bring their problems into work. We felt like therapists at times.

Konan: But in terms of turn over for the business, it’s been great for our first year, thank God.

Krept: And we opened with no management, our friend passed away the week before we opened and he was supposed to manage it. So when it opened, we were running it ourselves. Man had to do payroll, it was mad. That week was the longest, but we got through it and made it work.

Konan: And at the same time we were recording 7 Days 7 Nights, it was a lot.

The two of you have gone in so many different directions with your music, where are you guys aiming to take it with your sophomore album?

Konan: It’s kind of just a blend of all the stuff we’ve done in the past. We’ve got grime vibes; drill vibes; more heartfelt vibes – we cater for everyone to be honest.

You guys are leaving a legacy and someone else who’s musical legacy we will always remember is Cadet’s – we saw the release of the powerful track ‘Gang Gang’ recently – it’s mad how he is still able to leave such an impact with the stories he told.

Krept: Bro all I’ll say to you is that before he passed he left us with like 100 songs. Unreleased, so we want to give the people a project from him, something solid.


Krept’s Quick Fire Five

Ikea Jerk chicken with rice and peas or Sainsbury’s Piri Piri chicken with Jollof rice?

I would go with the Piri Piri chicken and Jollof rice, I feel like it’s a flavour that’s already out there, so I have an idea of what it’ll taste like. I don’t really no wa gwarn for the Jerk chicken in Ikea. I don’t know what sauce they’re using, the seasonings or the pattern (says laughing). It looks booky. The Jollof is the only concerning part, but we move.

Hauve or Rolex?

PD Hauve all day.

Top Boy or Power?

Top Boy. This season of Power hasn’t touched my soul. Old Power, there’s competition though.

Redrum or The Long Way Home?

The Long Way Home. Because I still feel like it’s an underrated album – slept on. Redrum did what it needed to do. It got it’s dues.

‘Don’t Waste My Time’ or ‘Freak Of The Week’?

I prefer performing ‘Don’t Waste My Time’, but then ‘Freak Of The Week’ took man to the maddest of places. So I’ll say ‘Freak Of The Week’ just because of where it took us to.


Konan’s Quick Fire Five 

Morleys or Nobu?

Morleys. I don’t like Nobu man. I think it’s overrated, I’d rather Hakkasan. Yeah Morleys, likkle side breasts, chips and a Dr Pepper. All day long, that was my childhood!

Nike or Gucci?

Gucci. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a Gucci cat still, I’ve got a lot of their garms. In terms of high fashion, Gucci is my go to brand. I mess with Nike though, but they didn’t want to run the bag (says laughing). Big up Puma every time.

Headie One or K Trap?

That’s the bros you know. But Trap because he’s from the ends. That’s man’s broski.

Buju Banton or Vybz Kartel?

Vybz Kartel, every time. Buju is more for the older generation. But Vybz is my generation, I remember I was in Yard (Jamaica) when he first came out. I got sent to Yard like 04 and that’s when his first CD came out, I had that one on repeat!

Ocean Lewis or Demi Rose?

Demi Rose man. Demi Rose is the ting! Demi Rose 100%.


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Interview by Denzil Bell