Exclusive Interview: Lippy & Tricky – “this is us, this is for the culture!”

Lippy & Tricky talk about how they came together, naming the podcast and their top five dream interviews

Denzil Bell

8 months ago

By Denzil Bell

When we talk about the culture, Lippy & Tricky’s names have to be mentioned.

Commencing summer of 2018; their For The Culture podcast has been doing absolute bits over the past couple of years, speaking on serious street topics, as well as interviewing key figures within our scene.

Their most recent interview was with WSTRN, who literally never do interviews, highlighting their magnetic pull in our culture. So with their star currently going into supernova, I had to interview the two journalists about their journey so far and what’s to come in the future!


How did you guys come together initially?

Tricky: It was my guy Babz, I went on his podcast Blacklisted UK, but them times I was doing music, so the interview was centred around that. I didn’t really know him, but that was the first time I realised this podcast thing may be for me, because we had a real honest and open conversation. So long story short, over the next couple of months, I had the feeling that I wanted to do something similar myself. So I called Babz to speak about it and he passed me onto Lippy. I gave Lippy a call, we chopped it up and we’re here now!

Why the name ‘For The Culture’?

Lippy: So at first, we wanted it to be me, Tricky and a girl, where we would talk about current affairs, then we just went through all types of names like ‘The Sauce Report’, so corny, but we thought that was it, we thought we were TMZ! But eventually we got the ‘For The Culture’ name, we got the logo, we got a female member, we filmed an episode, but it just weren’t it. Then we regrouped and said we would get Jaja Soze and Tristan “Rapcity” in, but the issue with this episode, is that we got bare frass and was just chatting hella waffle, so we couldn’t release it. So then we just did the first episode with me and Tricky and it came out well.

What are your top five dream interviews for 2020?

Lippy: I’m gonna go for the top and say Drake and we would come at him with proper questions on the topic of he is really feeling the UK scene or if he is just using us.

Tricky: I’d say Posty; he’s very big in our industry and he’s had a lot go on in his time in our scene. I think Wretch 32 would be a good one as well.

Lippy: A fourth one would be a wild card, someone who supports us and that would be Rio Ferdinand, he shows us a lot of love.

Tricky: I think Adele would be sick as well and I’ve always fancied Adele. I don’t know what it is, but I think she’s mad pretty.


Quick Fire Five

‘Album Listening Party’ or ‘For The Culture’?

Tricky: ‘For The Culture’ all day!

Lippy: Obviously big up them man, but this is us, this is for the culture!

Nando’s or Nobu?

Lippy: Nando’s and I beg you tell them I answered that in 0.3 seconds. I ain’t been Nobu and I ain’t going there this year. That’s a 2024 ting!

Tricky: I’d probably say Nando’s as well.

Hoodrich or Trapstar?

Lippy: Trapstar man and shout out my guy Skits, my darg, West London. But big up Hoodrich as well, they’re doing their thing!

‘Top Boy’ or ‘Blue Story’?

Tricky: I can’t even sit here and front, I ain’t even seen ‘Blue Story’, so I’ll go with ‘Top Boy’.

Maya Jama or Jorja Smith (as a guest on the podcast)?

Tricky: I’d go with Maya, coz she looks like she’s got mad banter.

Lippy: My simple answer is Jorja, because Stormzy is like a cousin to man and I don’t know wa gwarn with that situation at the moment. But them two are the UK Champions League final.


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Interview by: Denzil Bell