Exclusive Interview: M Huncho – “Beyoncé, Obviously. Our ‘Drunk in Love’ remix would be a madness”

M Huncho speaks on his favourite memories from '48 Hours', what he would include in his utopia and his hopes for 'Huncholini the 1st'

Denzil Bell

8 months ago

By Denzil Bell

M Huncho is a masked enigma. 

Since his first tape, Get Out, in 2017, he has been carving his self-named trap wave lane in the scene.

But where he really put his stamp down, was with his 48 Hours project, where he locked himself away in the studio for 48 hours and came up with pure magic.

This led to him signing his deal with Island Records and his label debut, Utopia, where he aimed to create his own perfect world of trap music and this was achieved with mercurial ease.

Last week Friday saw him introduce us to Huncholini the 1st with the release of his fourth mixtape of the same name; ushering in a new alias and a new era in British music.

I was lucky enough to catch up with the masked one at the Island house this week to discuss his early music memories, what his own utopia would be and his hopes for his latest project – read all about it below!


48 Hours is one of my favourite projects in general – what is your favourite memory from creating that tape?

My favourite memory from that time was being in the studio for those two days, seeing everyone slumped and people coming in, leaving the studio, it was just a mad couple of days, those 48 hours were crazy. I even managed to go to my house, take a shower and come back again to record more music, the whole experience was memorable.

Utopia was the next mixtape – that one banged as well – so if you could create your own utopia what three things would need to be included?

Firstly, you need people that are driven around you. Second thing is fairness, because a lot of things are unfair in our current society and the last one would be for fathers to be in the lives of their children.

The latest project Huncholini the 1st just came out, what are your hopes for it?

I want to go on tour and perform the songs; I want to go outside of Europe and do some shows out in North America. In terms of the tape, chart position and all of that, I don’t really care about, if it happens naturally it happens, but I’m not really too fussed. I’m just happy to release music at a period where the UK scene is booming and everyone is releasing quality music.


Quick Fire Five

M Huncho or Huncholini the 1st?

Huncholini the 1st or just Huncholini, I prefer that word, it just rolls off the tongue better. No one has a similar name to it. It’s as unique as a name can be.

Masked or Unmasked?

Both ways. I’m comfortable with the mask on or off. I’m just a comfortable guy. No one knows who I am and I take it off anyway, so I have to be comfortable!

48 Hours or Utopia?

I can’t tell you. I actually can’t answer that one. Music is the type of thing where you attach memories to every tape and song; so I can’t really choose one. Plus Huncholini the 1st is fresh to the public’s ears right now, so I would not be able to answer that, maybe ask me this again at the end of my career.

Between two superpowers: constant positive growth or being able to see people’s true colours?

That’s a good one; I’ll go for positive growth because everyone’s got something in their personality that they’ve hidden away, so I’d rather face that challenge myself and positive growth doesn’t happen with everyone, so I’d choose that, 100%.

Feature on your next project: Beyoncé or Snoh Aalegra?

Beyoncé, Obviously. Our ‘Drunk in Love’ remix would be a madness. I also feel that there are a lot of things I could learn from her, that’s the main thing; Beyoncé has experience and that experience can be shared with me!


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Interview by Denzil Bell