Exclusive Interview: Mercston – “it’s all about progress for me”

Mercston speaks to RWD about what makes his debut album 'Top Tier', his favourite feature from the project and his hopes for the tape

Denzil Bell

8 months ago

By Denzil Bell

Repping East London and the legendary grime group, The Movement, after years of grind, Mercston has finally gifted us with his debut album, Top Tier, at the top of this year.

The project is a tantalising concoction of rap, grime and dancehall and includes some of the best in the scene in terms of features, standing as a strong first effort from Mercston, in terms of delivering a great project.

Luckily enough I had the pleasure of chatting to the top tier MC about the release, as well as his hopes and aims for the tape in the foreseeable future. Delve into the interview below.


What makes this album top tier?

Firstly The high quality of music that has been created, I hit a new sonic realm with this album, also I regard every artist/producer involved as top tier regardless of their status, big up my brothers Dot inc.

Who was your favourite feature of the tape?

My favourite feature would have to be Ghetts & Devlin on ‘Top Tier’ for nostalgia and straight rawness, No chorus just BARS !

What’s your biggest hope for the album in terms of the effect?

It’s all about progress for me, my biggest hope is for people to enjoy and appreciate the body of work that has been delivered to them and understand what a ‘Top Tier’ album should sound like.


Quick Fire Five

Top tier in music or top tier as a mogul?

A top tier mogul. It’s important to me to inspire others to push for their dreams and aspirations; being a mogul makes doing so easier.

Dancehall or grime?

Dancehall I guess, as I grew up on it, so I tend to listen to it more.

Air Force Ones or Air Max 97s?

Air Force ones for sure, they are perfect for so many occasions: date night, tracksuit fit, holiday essentials, the list goes on. (hate when they crease though) lol.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class or Bugatti Veyron?

I’d have to go with the G wagon, because unfortunately my family won’t fit in the Veyron haha.

Wiley or Stormzy?

They are both doing really well, salute to them both.


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Interview by Denzil Bell