Exclusive Interview: Poundz – “even I’m gassed about it and I made the song”

South London rapper Poundz speaks on the success of 'Opp Thot'

Denzil Bell

8 months ago

By Denzil Bell

Signed to Disturbing London, South London rapper, Poundz, hit the belly with his latest song,‘Opp Thot’.

The track encapsulates drill in it’s essence, seeing Poundz coming in with pure venom and bad b’s.

So with all this heat around him, I had to talk to the man himself – check it out below!


What area are you from and how has it helped shaped your music?

I’m from South London and it hasn’t really influenced my music; I just do me.

Your latest song ‘Opp Thot’ is doing a madness at the moment!

Yeah, even I’m gassed about it and I made the song. But you see the chorus, that weren’t supposed to be the hook, but I clocked it was better than the original one I had, so I just replaced it.

How did the Disturbing London connection come about?

I’ve just been putting in the work and they’ve been watching me. It was just the right time to link up and start making things happen.

Quick Fire Five

KFC or Hakkasan?

KFC and the reason I’m giving that answer is, you already know us black men love our chicken.

Fendi or Addidas?

Fendi man, it’s just drip all the way, we flexing these days.

Skepta or Giggs?

Nah, Giggs, straight. Let me not lie; ‘Talkin da’ Hardest’ was my song back in the day!

Kidulthood or Paid In Full?

ooouuu, maddd. I like both of them you know, but I’m going to go for ‘Paid In Full’, just because of the lessons you learn from it.

Erin Budina or Ray BLK?

Lemme go with Ray BLK, she’s got the sauce.


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Interview by Denzil Bell