Exclusive Interview: Rachael Anson – “God has got us”

Rachael Anson gives us her favourite tunes for different moods

Denzil Bell

8 months ago

By Denzil Bell

In the words of Stormzy:”young, black, fly and handsome, bun down the rave like I’m Rachael Anson!”.

Never have truer words been spoken, as Rachael Anson AKA the rave destroyer, has been mashing down dances for the last couple of years, armed with Afrobeat anthems and dancehall sizzlers.

This culminated with her supporting Koffee on her UK headline show (which sold out in nine minutes). But 2020 is only going to bring more blessings for the DJ extraordinaire, so it’s only right that RWD had a chat with her before she officially blows up next year. Check out the interview below!


What song was your entry point to DJing?

I probably couldn’t tell you the main song for the entry point, but it would be dancehall songs that I would play through the aux cable, like Beanie Man – ‘Who Am I’. UK Funky was also very important in terms of my entry into DJing. 

I saw you just reached one year with Foundation FM recently – what tune would you say you’ve rinsed in that period on the station?

I try not to play the same songs on my show, but sometimes you can’t help it. I banged out Wiley’s tune ‘Boasty’. I defo played it a good few times. 

I see from your profile that you’re quite religious – if you were spinning riddims at the church for a wedding, what gospel song are you reaching for?

When it comes to gospel music, I feel like there are different vibes: so you’ve got the worship; you’ve got the praise; then you’ve got the African praise and worship. But this year I feel like I’ve played Tye Tribbetts – ‘African Medley’ a lot. 

When you’re about to hit the club for your set – what song are you drawing for to gas you up?

It’s probably dancehall you know. It would be an old school tune, like some Buju Banton.

On the flip side, when you’re on your way back from the set and need to unwind, what track are you putting on?

If I’ve just finished a set and I want to unwind in the car, then I’m definitely playing R&B, most likely H.E.R.

I read Stormzy’s book last year, and you were mentioned as a part of the Merky come up – so what’s a song that when it’s played, reminds you of the Merky rise so far?

‘Blinded By Your Grace’, I guess it’s just fitting. Because whenever your hear it, It reminds you that God has got us. Real talk, look at what God did. It’s 100% facts.


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Interview by Denzil Bell