Exclusive Interview: Young T & Bugsey – “we want every song we release to be better than the last one”

Young T & Bugsey talk about their come up in Nottingham, the music journey so far and debut project 'Plead The 5th'

Denzil Bell

7 months ago

By Denzil Bell

Young T & Bugsey are aiming to carve out their own lane, by continuing to come through with multiple bangers and making sure the sauce stays on drihhh.

The Nottingham duo have managed to do all this and more with their debut project, Plead The 5th; a tape which gives us more of an insight into who they really are, whilst keeping our hips moving with the club bangers we have become acquainted to from them.

Beyond the mixtape, we also find out what it was like growing up in the 5, as well as how they started their musical journey together. Look forward to all of this and more with our interview with the terrific two below!


So ‘Bully Beef’ is the latest track, it feels like you guys were speaking on a childhood memory on this one?

Bugsey: Most definitely, that was the theme of the track. I feel like that was the catch-line as well.

You guys are from Nottingham – what was it like for you man growing up there?

Bugsey: I actually came to Nottingham at the start of secondary school, so in terms of my childhood I actually spent it in London, growing up in Peckham, then I moved to Nottingham in year seven. So I grew up in London, but I became who I am in Nottingham. When I first moved to Nottingham I didn’t really like it like that, because it was a massive culture shock for me, as I was living in Peckham, then I moved to what felt like a countryside. It took a couple years for me to adjust to the change, but once it sunk in, I started to open up to the fact that I live here and began to connect with people outside of my school.

Did you guys link up before the music?

Bugsey: Yeah I met him as I was getting into music, but T’s been doing music forever – since primary school – so I already knew about his music when we linked up. It was actually through a mutual friend how we initially met, then we started doing music together and the friendship grew from there.

What do you think the break through moment in music was for you two?

Young T: On a more serious level I’d say a song called ‘Don’t Know’; that one became a big song in Nottingham as it involved the whole community. At that stage it was just about building a buzz within the city, then once we did that the next stage was taking it outside of Nottingham.

Bugsey: The one that blew us up outside of the city was ‘Glistenin” in 2016. That was the first one that got us label interest also.

What’s the ultimate aim for the duo?

Bugesy: We just want to keep coming with it, giving the people constant bangers. We’ve kept up a certain level since we came in, I feel like when we first came through, it was with an innovative style bringing in the catchy chorus ting. When we first came in, it was a very grime-centric game around the time when Stormzy and the whole grime resurgence was popping off and I feel like we cut through because we came with something fresh. We want every song we release to be better than the last one.


Quick Fire Five: Young T 

Brits or Grammy?

Well you’ve got to start at home first, so it would be the Brits. You need to conquer home-base before you start thinking about anything else!

Moncler or Canada Goose?

I feel like with Canada Goose their coats are just fully warm, whereas Moncler has got a bit more drip and versatility to it. But I wouldn’t mind a Canada Goose coat to be fair.

‘Strike A Pose’ or ‘Glistenin’?

They’re two different milestones in our career. I couldn’t really put one over the other because at the time they both did what we needed them to do for us.

Belaire or Hennessy?

I’d go for champagne any day over spirits, so imma say Belaire.

Mabel or Mahalia (for the feature)?

It would be two different types of songs. With Mabel we could make something a bit more pop and then with Mahalia we could create more of an R&B jam.


Quick Fire Five: Bugsey

Dream car: Range Rover or Porsche?

I’d say Range. I’m not really into tight cars and Porsche is usually a two seater ting. It would feel a bit selfish, like why can’t my guys enjoy it as well. But with the range, It’s comfortable, It’s big and all the mandem can jump in as well.

MOBO or BET award?

I’d rather get a MOBO than a BET award. I’ve been seeing the MOBOs since I was a kid, so it would mean more to me.

Palm Angels or LV?

Definitely LV, I feel like they’re killing it at the moment. They’re doing what man needs right now in terms of the statement pieces.

Being hated for telling the truth or being loved for a white lie?

With me I don’t really cap in my raps like that, I just tell my story and the stories of the people around me. For me, I’d rather just tell the truth and if you don’t like it, you don’t like it.

(Feature for your next project) J Hus or Dave?

I’m picking Hus still. I just feel like we could make something monumental with J Hus.


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Interview by Denzil Bell

Photos by Blaow