#FilthyFellas Awards – The Categories VOTE NOW!!

Get your votes in for the first annual #FilthyFellas awards...

Tego Sigel

5 years ago

By Tego Sigel


Last week the #FilthyFellas asked you to suggest a few awards we could hand out come the end of the season to your favourite sh*t talking football fans. If you missed that episode, then check it out below for a few examples of the kinds of awards we were looking for…

We’ve carefully scanned the comments and Tweets and come up with a full and healthy list of categories for you all to vote in. The awards have been named after the YouTube commenters who suggested them, meaning they will be immortalised for all times as the children of our children’s children watch, re-watch and do Oxford and Cambridge degrees on the greatest YouTube football show of all time! Let’s be honest, #FilthyFellas is basically like the new Only Fools and Horses or Friends at this point. We’ll be watching it forever!

To have your say in who should win what award, we will need you to email your votes to rwdfootballchannel@gmail.com with the title #FilthyFellas Awards. We’re counting on you to make sure the right Filthy Fella wins the right prize.

The Marco Reusinho Best Line of the Season Award
The James Warner Most Controversial Award
The Phellon Dillinger Most Deluded Award
The James Woods Specialist In Failure Award
The Angelo Michaloploulos Best Eyebrows Award
The Gareth Wareth Best Guest Award
The Atish Ramasawmy Deadest Jokes Award
The Kaisergaming HD Best Beard Award
The Santiago Rahman Worst Beard Award
The John Barrett Dumbest Prediction Award
The Downesy97 Best Dressed Award
The Mahamed Abdulkadir Best Rant Award
The Roberto Rossoneri Best Chemistry Award
The ANGELOFDARKification Realest Fan Award
The Adam Soleymani Cutest Couple Award
The KISHthegamer99 Biggest Sideman Award
The Jacksterbate Most Logical Award
The Ibrahim Mh Least Football Knowledge Award
The Mad Banter Best Impression Award
The Adam Doyle Biggest Moaner Award
The Kurieta Most Sensitive Award
The Lewis Grace Worst Garms Award
The Sahi Mude Most Melodramatic Award
The Daniel Jeff Best Insult Award
The Your BoyDegz Best Reaction To Team Losing Award

Get your votes in before 24 May to be counted!