Five standout moments from B Simone’s London comedy show

Denzil Bell

6 months ago

By Denzil Bell

Over the weekend, B Simone, AKA The Manifest Queen, came to London to headline her debut comedy show in the country at the Dingwall in Camden. The show was an absolute mazza and she did her thing to a sold out crowd, leaving everyone in stitches by the end. Luckily RWD was there to witness it, so we thought we’d run through the top five moments of her performance.


The American stand up comedian entered the room twerking to some spicy trap music; the perfect way to get the gal hyped and the mandem intrigued!

She’s looking for a boyfriend

The basic premise of the show is that B Simone is on tour, looking for a boyfriend. To be honest I should have put myself forward, but man was shook…

Nice guys finish last. Hood man get the girl.

One of the most universal topics she spoke on was how, as a woman you’ll put that nice guy who wants you firmly in the friend-zone, but the hood-man who treats you badly will receive all the attention.

The different stages of a break up

B Simone also went through the different stages of a break up, from crying in front of the mirror, to firming it and attempting to have the glow up of the decade.

Best pick up line wins $100

To finish off the show, she brought on two men and three women on the stage, to see who had the best pick up line to win $100. It finished badly for the mandem, with them both not being rated and in terms of the final three women, the wittiest out of the three won to the crowd’s delight, finishing off the night to loud cheering.

Words by Denzil BellĀ @akadiddz