Immerse yourself into Ragz Originale’s debut album ‘Nature’

Grant Brydon

11 months ago

By Grant Brydon

After preparing us with some incredible visuals, Ragz Originale has released his debut album Nature.

The record sees Ragz throwing the listener into his own world, built from the ground up from its creator’s imagination: the majority of the record – from beats, bars and melodies – is crafted by Ragz himself.

Despite running less than half an hour in total, Nature feels like a truly immersive experience, and one that you’ll want to revisit.

All features and guest production comes from close friends and family members including Cartae, E-Whizz, Benji Flow, Ji Nilsson and Georgia, keeping everything aligned with Ragz Originale‘s vision.

An accompanying manifesto reads:

Press play below, and support Nature via your preferred streaming service…