In anticipation for her headline show and sophomore EP Lava La Rue drops ‘Burn’

Denzil Bell

8 months ago

By Denzil Bell

West London rapper/singer Lava La Rue has just dropped, ‘Burn’, the first single from her Sophomore EP, following her breakout tape Letra which dropped last summer.

As the founder of Art Collective Nine8, her creativeness is really felt on ‘Burn’, where she rides the housy production with her signature rap/sung flow and the video sees the artistic maverick highlighting her tranquil side, rising out of flower filled waters and showing her fiery side at a lively looking house party.

Speaking on the track, Lava La Rue says ” The lyrics to Burn were originally an extended poem, an anthem, written for my friends, and my community about resilience.  I don’t believe that the days of rockstar legends like Prince/Grace Jones who made bangers you’d dance to whilst being politically rebellious as POC is something of the past… I believe that all forms chanting a hook, a catchy chorus, is repeating spells and speaking things into existence. My hook is We Will Fight It.”

Check out the video directed by 33 Bound and Lava La Rue up top and cop tickets for her headline show at Corsica Studios on May 9th here.

Words by Denzil Bell @akadiddz