Dorsa Nam caught-up with The Problem Starter Kozzie on the set of his new video for the Preditah produced Yeah!

9 years ago

By Teg

South London grime MC Kozzie is back to start more problems this year with his new single Yeah, (which you have to say in a high pitched voice or else it doesn’t count). Dorsa Nam joined the Problem Starter at the Yeah video shoot in West London to discuss what he’s got in the pipeline, what makes him say ‘YEAH’ and Lord of The Mics battling… 

“It’s Preditah at Kozzie’s video shoot, it’s going well it’s a hype, everyone’s moeshing, I’m doing my thing in the video” Preditah

“Kozzie’s video shoot – YEAH – maximum steam! Koder, you heard it from me!” Koder

Kozzie, you’ve been busy recently, what have you been working on?

Yeah, my new single Yeah, which we’re here for today and I got an EP coming out soon.

Exciting. Out of curiosity, where did the name Kozzie come from?

Bare people ask me that, but my uncle, he’s about thirty-something now, and he was known as Kozzie and as ‘street person’ I was Tiny Kozzie because I was just the younger one. But as I got older I just took it because of music.

I hope he wasn’t about to start a music career and you just stole his shine. You have new management, how did that come about and what do you think will change now?

[Laughs] I got new management because I just want to progress as an artist. Not that I wasn’t doing big things before, I just think it’s going much better now. I’ve got PR now as well at SighTracked, so everythings coming together nicely.

Are you aiming for a record deal with all this going on?

Not aiming, but I’d like one, I think all artists want a good machine around them.

And if you get a deal will we ever see you making a pop record?

Only time will tell. But I think if I did sign a deal it would be with someone who wasn’t pressuring me to just make pop music.

Your single Yeah is an ad-lib from Mic Check featuring Jammin, but what made you make it into a single?

Do you know what, I don’t even know how ‘yeah’ came around but it just happened and I thought ‘nah, this is sick’ and the response I got from people tweeting me just from doing freestyles on 1Xtra and stuff with that in there. I was like ‘rah, this can pop off.’ and I thought the most sensible thing to do was to make it into a single.

I heard there’s a remix also… any hints on whose on it?

Nah, no hints still [laughs].

The line up of MC’s for Spartan Remix was epic, will it be something along those lines?

I can say that it’s not a line up, it’s one MC and we f**ked the tune over. I’ll release that about a week after the single and video comes out.

Tell us about the video being shot today?

We got a couple of girls, some of my friends from my area, Preditah is coming down, obviously he produced the single, Koder and Aaron Hanson are coming down. It’s more of a ‘mate’ thing, it’s not really big MCs come down and stuff. It’s more of a ‘keep your friends involved and close’ sort of thing.

Would you say the recent hype surrounding you is because of Lord of the Mics 3?

Yeah, I can’t lie. I think Lord of the Mics definitely got me more attention and a buzz. Without seeming arrogant, I think I would of always got there but this pushed me forward three, four or six months.

Any last words?


Just thanks to everyone who’s supporting my music and showing love it’s all noticed I’m just gonna keep on making music and progressing for the fans. YEAH!

Catch Kozzie performing at Eskimo Dance at Proud2 on Friday 11th May 2012 – tickets here.

Kozzie’s single Yeah is out Sunday April 29 on iTunes


Words by Dorsa Nam (@superdorsa)

Photo by Verena Stefanie Grotto (@kidsofgrime)