Riky Bains grabs a word with Mr Got Some Teeth; Obie Trice.

8 years ago

By Teg

With his new album Bottoms Up signalling a true return to form for former Eminem protege Obie Trice, Riky Bains grabbed a few minutes of the Detroit MC’s time to talk Marshall, his new album, going independent and more.

You left Shady Records in 2008, how’s life been since then?

Well I went the independent route in 2010, and it’s definitely a lot of hard work, it’s different to how it was when I was over at Interscope; it’s a transition you know? It’s more of a hands-on type of thing.

Okay so how’s the relationship with Eminem?

That’s my brother man like forever. We will always continue to make music and continue to be friends outside of music as well you know what I mean?

Cool, and he features on the new album too right?

Yeah he’s on the new record…

So how did you guys become acquainted in the first place? Bizarre brought you together right?

Well, Eminem was actually at his studio and Bizarre gave me the call. He called me and he hooked me up with Eminem, yeah Bizarre set up the meeting with me and Marshall.

… And since then you had quite a successful reign under Shady but when you left you formed Black Market Entertainment… When did that happen and why did you choose to do that?

It came about in 2010 because I had to keep it moving you know but also I wanted to reach out to artists in my region. I want to have some type of ‘give-back’ solution as well, in the near future there’ll definitely be more artists on my label. Bottoms Up is the first album to be released under the new label.

Bottoms Up is of course the name of the new album, before that you had Second Round’s On Me and then prior to that there was Cheers; just out of curiosity, how come all of your albums have drinking related names?!

[Laughs] Well you know, I’m a fan of the spirits, I like alcoholic beverages! So it just made sense to me to do that but also with Bottoms Up I feel like its a new start for me and so that name worked well.

You say it’s a fresh start, so what can the fans expect from Bottoms Up, is it a brand new Obie or are there some elements of the classic Obie Trice…

Well you know, it’s still me, Obie doesn’t change. Obviously there’s a difference between now and how I used to be in my younger years but there’s still them hard-hitting lyrics, hard-hitting production, it’s just very me. It’s a solid album, they’re gonna enjoy the music.

Which tracks did you enjoy making the most?

To be honest, we made every track in the lab and every track was dear to me, you know? There were supposed to be more records but we decided to not put them on the album. I mean, in terms of the record which I personally think the people will feel the most, its Battle Cry.

Battle Cry is the lead single from the album, it’s quite a powerful song, what’s the meaning behind it?

Well you know, everybody goes through ups and downs in life so that’s what Battle Cry is basically about. No matter what situation you’re in, you just gotta keep moving on and forward; that’s what it is, everyone can relate to it.

I completely agree, everybody will appreciate that track but also I think everybody will appreciate the production which was, as usual, incredible. Who produced on this album?

Eminem produced on this record and he performed on another record too. Dr Dre of course, K&Square from Detroit, No Speakers you know they’re up and coming, Statik Selektah from New York. There’s more than that but you know there’s a lot of variety and I’m not just sticking with the well known guys either, I want to bring through the talent.

Sounds exciting! Well, I wish you the best of luck in your new venture, is there anything you would like to say to the fans in the UK?

Yeah of course I appreciate all of the love and everything. You’re going to love the new album it’s out now and don’t forget to check out the twitter that’s @realobietrice!