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With our Young Player of the Year Daniel Sturridge on the cover, we focus on what is going to be a huge summer of football in Issue 124.


As they say, all good things must come to an end. Although this isn’t really the actual end for me and RWD as I’ll still be part of the crew, it is my last as editor of this brilliant magazine. It’s been some seven years now (wow, time flies) and over the years I’ve had some amazing experiences; pool parties at the Game’s house, riding about New York in Diddy’s Maybach, drinking tea at 2am in Las Vegas with Lady Gaga, hitting Paris with Wiley, watching Kanye perform on a moonlit beach in the Bahamas with just 100-odd people and Jay-Z, hanging in the Bahamas (again) with a pre-fame Professor Green, and marvelling as he, Wretch, Example, Tinie, Chip, Ed Sheeran, Dynamo, Adam Deacon etc., etc., have all gone on to become some of the biggest stars in the UK. We’ve hosted some amazing parties with our mates Sheeran, Tinie, Yasmin, Wiley and many more, we’ve celebrated 10 years of being in the maga- zine game with DECA and this month, we top it all off with a pretty amazing three-CD Compilation, The Legacy.

Wow. What more can I say! So, while I’ll still be here at RWD, I will be over on ‘the other side of the office’, developing brand relationships and working on a number of exciting projects we have coming up online and otherwise. Sorry, I’m sworn to secrecy for now.

I’m leaving my beloved RWD in the hands of the ever-capable, utterly brilliant CEO of Fun, Danny Walker. This guy is actually like a brother to me; he’s one of the funniest people I know and he is going to take the mag to even bigger and better places with his sharp sense of humour, in-depth knowledge of all things geekery and a fascination for film, gadgets and sports. Although he does support Arsenal, so… yeah.

For my very last issue, we’ve gone in hard on the incoming Euro 2012. Daniel Sturridge is on the cover while Aaron Lennon is very Upfront. There’s film and music too of course; ascending actor Ukwell Roach, newcomers Elro, Disclosure and Queen of Hearts and the brilliant Benga. We also head to Africa to discover what’s going on with the Afrobeats scene; D’Banj and Neptizzle fill us in.

So, for now, that’s it. Farewell and all that. Thanks for being a huge part of this amazing journey of my time here at RWD…


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