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RWD Issue 144: February 2014

It’s February so we’ve definitely all given up on those ridiculous resolutions we made when we got gassed by 2014. I didn’t attempt any, whilst Alya’s juice cleanse lasted SIX hours and guest writer Sian Anderson going vegan, well, you’ll read for yourself what happened there in Speaker’s Corner. But our boy Ben triumphed in his Dry-uary and managed to raise money for charity, so shoutout him.

Besides all that we’ve been way too busy partying up with Idris Elba (by that we mean we were at the same party) hanging out with NBA players (that actually happened) and interviewing the dons behind Trapstar for our cover story. We’ve supported the brand over the years but 2013 saw them elevate to a whole other level, so we had to pay respect to the homegrown fashion hustlers. We also look into upcoming film releases, chatting to new Robocop Joel Kinnaman and getting previous RWD One To Watch and comic obsessive Funny Tummy to ask who reigns supreme out
of X-Men vs Guardians of the Galaxy.

Moving onto music, we finally get hold of actor turned artist Raleigh Ritchie and unravel why he’s About To Blow, catch up with YouTube upstarts Eton Messy who are literally #ReadyForAnything. Plus the legend that is David Rodigan takes us on his musical journey. Hoping to follow in the footsteps of our cover stars, streetwear up and comers Supply & Demand continue to support the underground scene as they shoot videos for the likes of Fekky, Brotherhood, Blizzard, Benny Banks and Yungen.

That’s surely enough to keep you entertained!


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