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RWD Issue 151: Autumn 2015 (w/ Big Sean)

Only Skepta has had a better summer than us so far and let’s be honest, the only reason we didn’t jump on stage at Wireless with Drizzy is because we were offended by the way the Toronto MC called Finsbury Park, ‘Finsbury’. Is Finsbury a place?

Landing slap-bang in the middle of the season like the FA Cup 3rd Round, we thought we’d make the most of the sun’s rays by going way, way up with Big Sean who’s been waking up celebrating every day since ‘IDFWU’ confirmed the Detroit MC was ready to release the biggest album of his career thus far.

Heat isn’t reserved for the United States though and while it might take a few extra weeks to hit the peaks we’re feeling at the moment, the likes of our About To Blow star Jammz, the voice of the capital Meridian Dan and grime’s next one Novelist do more than enough to keep your pages warm from a UK perspective.

The Premier League season will have just started by the time you pick this magazine up, so you’ll already know that Samir Nasri and Danny Welbeck are on fire, but just pretend we told you early, because the three title challenging internationals sounded focused when we sat down with them for 151.

Following what’s been an epic summer for films, we’ve previewed what’s still to come in 2015, a year that is likely to go down in blockbuster history, we caught-up with England cricket star Stuart Broad to learn about his process and talked a lot about trainers. Not enough? Check for your fix.

Tego Sigel

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