Jamal Woon addresses mental health in new song ‘Keep Your Distance’

Grant Brydon

1 year ago

By Grant Brydon

It’s often difficult to articulate that feeling of not being quite right, and it can be frustrating when we can’t find a specific reason for it. We all go through it at various points in our lives, and we all have different ways of dealing with it.

For Jamal Woon, the best way came through putting his feelings down into a song. ‘Keep Your Distance’ is an open letter of sorts, to tell everyone that it’s ok not to be ok. The track is prefaced by a poem from Thea Gajic, and sees Jamal singing over guitar from his musical partner Rashaan Brown.

“From early October and even a bit till now, I’ve been going through some things mentally and struggled to articulate it to everyone around me hence why I just wrote it in a song,” he says. “I hope the song gives a voice to people who may be like myself and don’t actually know how to articulate what they’re going through.”

Press play on ‘Keep Your Distance’ above.