Jammz wins Beat Boss 6 producer tournament

Joe Walker

11 months ago

By Joe Walker

Saturday night (Dec 2) saw the biggest edition yet of Tiatsim’s producer clash tournament Beat Boss, taking place for the first time at a sold-out Relentless No.5 studio.

Jammz, Rapture 4D, Polonis, JEB1, Neffa-T, MistaKay, Sir Hiss and Fallow had it out for the Beat Boss 6 trophy, and the judges – ZHA, Spooky and Treble Clef – decided it was Jammz who would take it home after defeating Manchester’s Fallow in the final.

The full event was streamed live online, and now available to watch back (above). Each clash of the tournament is also available to watch individually. Take your pick of the rounds below…

Rapture 4D v Fallow
MistaKay v Neffa-T
Polonis v Jammz
Sir Hiss v JEB1

Sir Hiss v Fallow
Jammz v Neffa-T

Jammz v Fallow