Jaymal taps grime stars Manga Saint Hilare and Grim Sickers for ‘Inna Flash’

Denzil Bell

1 year ago

By Denzil Bell

Jaymal is a rising star from Nottingham, who puts the spirit of grime into his music, but also sprinkles his musical gumbo pot with pop sensibilities and this is the fusion that shines through on his latest track ‘Inna Flash’. The song sees the upcoming artist link up with Roll Deep’s own Manga Saint Hilare and the force of nature that is Grim Sickers, but with this one the trio go against the grain releasing a slower tempo, mainstream leaning sound.

Speaking on the single, Jaymal tells RWD over email that ” ‘Inna Flash’ relates to how fast things can change in life, and indicates that nothing in life is guaranteed. Wealth, Poverty, Lifestyle, all can change in an instant. The video is about a young male who’s grown up in a deprived area, he’s very unpopular and hasn’t got many friends. He’s very alone in this world and often bullied, but he finally gets some luck later in the video when he wins big on a scratch card and all his money troubles disappear.”

Watch the story unfold up top.

Words by Denzil Bell @akadiddz