Kannan is out here ‘Getting It’ on new single

Joe Walker

2 years ago

By Joe Walker

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One of the nuggets of info that didn’t make the cut from our #MindTheGap interview was that Scumfam spitter Kannan was working on solo project Northerner.

“We need to show people that way of life, we need to show people how it is up there and that’s what people want to hear. We’re all doing our own thing, there’s a big scene up there and it’s popping.”

There have been some Kannan tracks and guest features since then but now we enter what the Sheffield MC has called the ‘Northerner revolution’. It’s a revolution he “even gave up his line for“, so you know it’s serious. The lead single from Northerner is ‘Getting It’, a production from Mistakay that together with Kannan makes for a proper head-nodder.