Listen to Giggs’ anticipated new album ‘Landlord’ now

Grant Brydon

3 years ago

By Grant Brydon


It’s finally here!

Three years after When Will It Stop and following an incredible run of guest features that have him as in-demand as ever, Giggs has delivered his anticipated fourth album Landlord today. He’s been keeping this one close to his chest – he told us earlier this week that even the featured artists will only be hearing it today for the first time – and so far we’ve only heard ‘Whippin Excursion’, but he promises that this one is just about the music and making it as hard as possible – so you know you’re in for a treat!

This time it’s just straight music, I don’t give a f**k about all that. I just want man to say “This CD’s hard bruv!” And that’s it. It’s just for the music, nothing else, not chart positions or whether it’s going to sell. I just want people to listen to it and say ‘Nah, man is murking!” You know them ones?

Landlord boasts appearances from Stormzy, Dubz, CASisDEAD, Donae’o, Aystar, Youngs Teflon, Rico Love, KYZE and Gunna Dee. Stream it below via Apple Music, grab it from your favourite streaming platform, or go old school and cop the CD from HMV….

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