London O’Connor releases a self-directed visual for ‘Nobody Hangs Out Anymore’

Grant Brydon

1 year ago

By Grant Brydon

A couple of years ago, London O’Connor released his debut album O∆ which saw him escaping his small town origins and running away to New York City where he lived out of a backpack.

It didn’t concern itself with any of the trends of the time, and has therefore continued to live on as a timeless cult effort about breaking life’s monotony and grabbing onto it with both hands.

A testament to that, is the fact that it’s been officially released today via True Panther, and sounds just as disruptive and cutting edge as it did when it originally dropped.

To celebrate the release, London O’Connor has released a very yellow, self-directed visual to accompany ‘Nobody Hangs Out Anymore’ his ode to our smartphone-obsessed generation.

Check that out above and go stream O∆ on your favourite digital platform now.