Meet The #FilthyFellas

They're friends who make each other enemies once a week, meet the #FilthyFellas...

Tego Sigel

5 years ago

By Tego Sigel

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With the start of the new season came the start of a new, no holds barred, all out attack, banter based YouTube show called #FilthyFellas. Born from a Whatsapp group and growing into a weekly phenomenon, the program which you can catch on every Monday, has entrenched its stars in tribal loyalty and left us all in stitches. On set for #FilthyFellas episode eight, Ben Fawcett grabbed as many words as he could with the raucous crew before they all started shouting over each other.

Photography Sam Bond


Arsenal are represented on the show by Copa90 host Poet and his Facetime friend, former Chelsea, Brighton & Hove Albion and Swansea City striker Leon Knight, who serves as the show’s digital trouble-maker, calling out fans, co-stars, coaches and former team- mates as a matter of course. It comes to something when the always-charged Poet serves as the calmer of the duo, but with the pair adept at killer one- liners and armed with an undying passion for their team, they make for a powerful union.

Who do you guys represent?

Leon: Arsenal man, come on.

So how long have you guys been Arsenal fans?

Poet: I’ve been an Arsenal fan my whole life, but I started taking it seriously in like 1996.
Leon: Yeah, I’ve been doing this since I was about six.

Of all the teams represented on #FilthyFellas, who do you hate the most?

Leon: Tottenham, standard!
Poet: Yeah, I hate Tottenham! Everything about them, the area’s disgusting, the fans aren’t even from the area, but they wanna try support it and their fans are idiots. Just everything really! But I hate Manchester United!

Which of the #FilthyFellas, winds you up the most?

Leon: Mitch! I’ll punch off his face you know! He’s always talking slick and his team is sh*t!
Poet: Yeah, I kind of agree man, if I could get to anyone it would be Mitch. Then I would pay for his haircut, because that quaff thing! He’s starting to look like Big Ben out here. It needs to chill out.
Leon: He needs to trim that little piece, still.
Poet: His quiff looks like it says more than Ross.

Where do you guys think Arsenal will finish this season?

Poet: Second or third I reckon. Leon: I reckon we’ll be in fourth again We aren’t winning enough games.
Poet: So who’s third?
Leon: Hmmm, yeah for real, I’ll say third.

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Whether or not they’re worthy of being involved with #FilthyFellas is a topic of great debate on Twitter and in the YouTube comment section, but Craig Mitch and Ross Berry are resilient and representing Tottenham Hotspur they’d have to be. While Mitch makes enemies with each passing week [he’s not welcome in Liverpool by all accounts], his more reserved and respectful “partner” Ross keeps the banter balance in check.

Of all the teams represented on #FilthyFellas, who do you hate the most?

Craig: Arsenal!
Ross: They think they are title contenders but they’re not. They are delusional. Craig: They’re living in the past! They don’t want to move forward, they still think they’re successful, they talk too much and want to give everyone the banter, they stink!
Ross: Oh, and there’s that guy at The Emirates who wears the captain’s arm-band in his full kit.
Craig: He’d probably still be a better captain than Mikel Arteta!

Which of the #FilthyFellas winds you up the most?

Craig: I hate B.O.A.T’s haircut the most.
Ross: None of them are threats is the problem there.
Craig: Leon Knight’s the obvious one. He just came out of nowhere.

Where will Tottenham finish this season?

Ross: Fifth or sixth.
Craig: I’m gonna go for fifth realistically. It’s our manager’s first season, there’s no shame in saying fifth.

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Having experienced their worst sea- son as Manchester United fans last time around, both B.O.A.T (Boy of all Talents) and Skribz, big’d up their chests, raised their chins and stepped into the #FilthyFellas arena to back the corner for the most successful team in Premier League history. With what they would consider a humble yet confident approach to the banter, the two have had to endure a torturous start to the season but the heavily meme’d duo have held strong.

Of all the teams represented on #FilthyFellas, who do you hate the most?

B.O.A.T: Oh, it’s got to be Arsenal!
Skribz: They’re deluded!
B.O.A.T: Their fans are the dumbest in the entire world, they win a game and they celebrate like they won the league or something.

Which of #FilthyFellas winds you up the most?

B.O.A.T: It’s Poet. His annoying voice! Those stupid plaits!
Skribz: And that dumb dashiki!
B.O.A.T: Definitely Poet, he’s too excited when Arsenal win one match! I’m going to Arsenal Vs United and if we win that game, I don’t think Poet should turn up!
Skribz: Leon won’t turn up anyway, he stays living in a Samsung. Stop moving like it’s Babestation out here Leon, put on some clothes!

Where will Manchester United finish this season?

Skribz: Top four!
B.O.A.T: Yeah, I’ll say third!

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Defending the corner for last season’s Premier League runners-up, DJ and producer DJ Snips and YouTube sensation and all around funny man David Vujanic are Liverpool’s #FilthyFellas. Both Snips and Vujanic have acid tongues and after years of defending Liverpool, the duo are quite adept at holding their own. Snips wasn’t available to join us for episode eight – it gets like that – but Vujanic was more than willing to rep the set.

How long have you been a Liverpool fan?

Vujanic: Since I arrived illegally to the UK back in 1997.

Of all the teams represented on #FilthyFellas, who do you hate the most?

Vujanic: I hate them all equally! I think they’re all pr*cks! It’s a tough one because I really do detest all teams. I’d have to say Arsenal right now; I really want to beat them away from home. Arsenal fans are very delusional They’re like a bi-polar Charlie Sheen on heroin and crack, it’s “Wenger in!” Then, “Wenger Out!” They don’t know what they want anymore!

And which of the #FilthyFellas, winds you up the most?

Vujanic: Probably Mitch! I mean everybody wants to punch Mitch! He supports Tottenham and he has an opinion. He shouldn’t have an opinion. He should be silenced. If this was North Korea, Mitch would be dead, but luckily it’s not.

Where will Liverpool finish this season?

Vujanic: We’re going to win the Champions League and finish eighth.

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