Murkage Dave gifts us with ‘White Nikes In The Rain’ Narx remix featuring Peyton

Denzil Bell

3 months ago

By Denzil Bell

Originally an interlude on the now cult classic album, Murkage Dave Changed My Life, Murkage Dave has released the Narx remix for ‘White Nikes In The Rain’ featuring Houston R&B/soul singer Peyton.

Murkage Dave’s soul meets folk style shines bright on this number, seeing him draw from Monster Boy’s ‘Im Sorry’ for lyrical inspiration, whilst Peyton serves as the cherry on top of the fine piece, with her ethereal singing blessing the twinkly garage production from Narx.

Speaking on the track, Murkage Dave says, “ever since my album first dropped last October people have been getting onto me to do a full length version of the ‘White Nikes In The Rain’ interlude. But for me I just wanted to leave it as that special little moment on the album, I really didn’t want to ruin it doing just any old thing. Narx, who co-produced ‘See Man Smile’, asked me if he could make a remix of ‘White Nikes In The Rain’ that he could play in his DJ sets. When he sent what he’d done I was blown away man, and it was at this point I knew we could do something more with this tune.

“When it comes to new artists I mainly listen to UK shit, but my manager Grant puts me on to a lot of independent American stuff as well. When he played me Peyton her voice grabbed me immediately, she reminded me of a lot of the singers UK Garage producers would sample in the 90s. Plus Narx was already a huge fan of her, so it was a no brainer to ask her to vocal the ‘White Nikes In The Rain’ remix. What she’s done is amazing, she has so much pain in her voice, and the way she replies to what i’m saying really is the missing piece to finishing the song. Couldn’t be happier man.”

Press play on the remix below and watch out for the deluxe version of Murkage Dave Changed My Life, out this Friday.

Words by Denzil Bell @akadiddz