My Vibes: Master Peace – “I feel like sometimes I don’t belong on this earth”

RWD chats to Master Peace about different songs for his various moods

Denzil Bell

8 months ago

By Denzil Bell

Master Peace is an artist from South London who fuses grime, rap and indie rock, with this delicate mix being heard in his debut single, ‘Night Time’, which was released a couple months back and the reception for it has been great, seeing the song being supported by the likes of Skepta.

So ahead of his performance at Miranda tonight, RWD sat down with Master Peace to chat about his vibes in terms of music.


which song are you playing during cuffing season?

It’s gonna have to be Youngen – ‘Cuffin’ Season’. It’s a big tune. It’s the ultimate cuffing season tune!

Which song makes you feel confident?

‘4pm In Calabasas’ by Drake, because the things he says in it are so real.

Which song alleviates stress for you?

‘Creep’ by Radiohead. That song is literally the story of my life. I feel like sometimes I don’t belong on this earth.

When you face rejection which song are you playing?

It would probably be ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ by Oasis, because you should never look back, always move forward.

When you get that first fat cheque in your bank account from music, what song are you playing?

1975 ‘Money’. They are the best band in the world.

When you’re feeling low, what song are you playing to uplift your spirit?

‘Champion’ by Chip. That’s my tune man. That song relates to everything that I go through on a day to day basis.

When you’re about to hit the stage and want to get hype, what song are you reaching for?

‘Million Miles’ by Bakar, because the things that he says in the track gas me up differently.

What’s your motivation song?

Sia ‘Unstoppable’. That one is a very deep one for me.


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Interview by Denzil Bell

Photos by Malini Vaja