Neymar Jr Drops His First Exclusive Nike Mercurial Vapor With Career Referencing Written In The Stars

Tego Sigel

3 years ago

By Tego Sigel


While Neymar Jr‘s club future is subject to debate, the totally Nike boy is all-Swoosh wherever he goes. His history with the brand saw him launch the innovative Green Speed boot for the 2012 Olympics, a major moment in Nike’s history being the same summer they launched Flyknit. Following the limited run of the Green Speed, Neymar Jr became the face of Hypervenom, the new agility focused boot that had attacking players fawning. One of the most player-popular boots of a generation, Neymar Jr didn’t find the same love for the Hypervenom 2, which seemed to have less of a focus on touch and therefore didn’t match his game as well as the launch silo. The Hypervenom 2 has since evolved into a strong and again player popular style, with strikers, wingers and midfielders all gravitating toward the boot, but in between the HV2 and HV3’s releases Neymar Jr had played in and fallen in love with the Nike Mercurial Vapor.


Having previously launched a Neymar Jr Hypervenom 2 and a Neymar Jr and Jordan collaboration Hypervenom 2, it wasn’t going to be long before Nike blessed him with his own unique design of his newly favoured Mercurial Vapor and last night the Written In The Stars boot. Telling the story of the Barcelona and Brazil phenom rising to the expectations set for him at a very young age, the Written In The Stars Mercurial Vapor is inspired by the Brazilian flag, the colours of which make-up its color palette – amplified by a vibrant Blue Orbit and Volt.


Two of the most important highlights as an international player are referenced within the design, with his debut goal against the United States on 10 August 2010 – scored at 18 years of age and last summer’s Olympics gold medal. The five stars of Brazil’s five World Cup wins also find pride of place on the boot.

The details of the Written In The Stars Vapor are many, with references to Neymar Jr’s family – 11.03.96 appears to pay homage to the birthdate of his little sister Rafaella, while 24.08.11 represents the birth date of his son David Lucca. His own birthday 02.05.92 features on the boot, as well as his top speed of 34.7 KM/H. The dotted figures on the toe and heel are maps of Barcelona and Brazil, where Neymar Jr has made his legend.


Five of Neymar’s most significant career goals at club level are marked on the boot from his first as a Barcelona player on 24 September, 2010, to his first against Real Madrid on 26 October, 2012, his 2015 Champions League final goal, his 100th career goal on his 20th birthday and his legendary flick and striker against Villareal on 11 August, 2015. Those goals are referenced within the constellations on the boot, depicting the path the ball took in the build-up to each.

The highly detailed Written In The Stars Mercurial Vapor launches 28 July at Nike Miami and through on 29 July.