Nigerian alté star Santi releases debut album ‘Mandy & The Jungle’

Grant Brydon

1 year ago

By Grant Brydon

One of the stars of Nigeria’s alté scene, Santi, has been building a name for himself with his Lagos-based Monster Boy crew and their embrace of individuality and self-expression, riding against the tide of a culture that’s usually accustomed to fitting in.

After releasing the singles ‘Sparky’ and ‘Freaky’, he’s delivered his debut album Mandy & The Jungle which is well worth investing some of your time into over the bank holiday weekend.

“Over the past two years, I learnt more about expressing myself and translating that feeling into sound and visuals,” he says. “I decided to create a universe, combining everything that has ever influenced or inspired me, the story of Mandy, a girl who has no idea the power that lies inside her.”

Press play on the album below, and support Mandy & The Jungle via your preferred streaming service.