Billed as 'light exercise', the Nike FuelBand SE launch event has got me hurting this morning...

6 years ago

By Teg


I’ve got plenty of Fuel Points; that’s for sure. I’ve also got sore legs and arms as hands on time with the latest in the line of Nike FuelBands leaves us more than intruiged for wanting more.

Is it worth updating to the latest in the line of Nike’s trademark lifestyle companion? In a word, yes.

Added features make being fit and active the most social thing going these days. No slacking or lazing about anymore, as your friends can easily check in to see how you’re doing. Set yourself and a selected group of mates targets, and even send each other cheesy inspirational messages! I could have done with a “Go Ben, go!” yesterday…

More added features include the addition of things such as cycling and yoga, activities that in the past weren’t tracked by the FuelBand (I mean, you don’t really move your wrist much cycling do you!?). The addition of this comes in the form of ‘Sessions’. You can manually create Sessions in the FuelBand app, and start and end them as you please.

It gets better; say you feel you’ve gone in super hard, say for example peddling on the back of a tandem bike across central London (yes Nike made us do this; seriously!) you can edit the severity of your workout in the app therefore altering the amount of Fuel Points…no cheating though.

Starting Sessions is a doddle too, as it requires a simple click of the FuelBand itself, linked automatically to the iOS app.

Hourly Goals is another clever addition to the FuelBand. You set yourself a target, say between 10am and 6pm, and for every time you reach that goal every hour, you gain a point. The idea is by the end of it, you can see how many times you’ve ‘won’ hours compared to lost. If you’re only winning a couple of hours a day, you need to pull your finger out.

The event saw me and a select group of sweaty people have to rack up Fuel points in the most entertaining of ways!

Myself and my team started off by whisking up pancake batter; not as easy as it sounds especially when you add the competitive nature. That then led us to the coolest blender you’re ever likely to see, one that’s attached to a bike. It’s a simple concept; peddle to make the blender blades spin. I was the only unfortunate sod who’s blender/bike combo wasn’t working properly and everyone had a hell of a laugh at my expense as my banana wouldn’t blend into my smoothie. It doesn’t sound funny but it was…for them.

Next we ground coffee; again, another task which becomes increasingly strenuous when the competitive edge is added.

Hopping on the aforementioned tandem bike, and with the eyes of every tourist in central London on us, we heading over to One Mayfair for more tasks. Boxing, skipping, some crazy French light painting and DJ drum kits were all things that racked up more Fuel points.

It was a great event from Nike, and really let us see what the new FuelBand was all about. Evidently, racking up points isn’t going to be as easy as it was previously, and added features such as hourly goals will make us want to stay as active as possible.

The new Nike FuelBand SE is out on the 6 November and costs £129.

You can see pictures of my journey below

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