Nike Get Up Close With Manny Pacquiao’s Training Regime

Nike get deep into Manny Pacquiao's training camp for their Inner Strength film...

Tego Sigel

5 years ago

By Tego Sigel


The photo above might look like Manny Pacquiao doing the Shmoney Dance, but what you’re actually looking at is the 5’7″ Philippines born fighter in full preparation for his era defining clash with the undefeated Floyd Mayweather. In a rare expedition into the sport of boxing, Nike have joined the Pacquiao training camp to take a look at his focus, his work-rate and his Inner Strength. Recognised as being among the most intense, targeted and focused training workouts in all of sport, the effort and energy that both fighters are putting into this fight is absolutely beyond comprehension for us mere mortals.

We’re just days away now. Does Manny Pacquiao stand a chance? We’ve got Mayweather, but we see the fight going the full 12 rounds. Can Manny floor the unshakable Money?