No Days Off – Kevin Hart Breaks Down His Training Routine For Nike

Tego Sigel

3 years ago

By Tego Sigel


The hardest working man in show business, Kevin Hart‘s films, TV shows, stand-up specials and guest appearances over the last six years are not matched by any performer at the top level of the entertainment industry. Kevin Hart, through his own brand of marketing, his unique perspective on fan and audience engagement and his undeniable brilliance as a comedian and comedy performer have pushed him to the upper echelons of fields previously untouched by his peers, and his relentless commitment to work and improvement are nothing short of incredible. If you don’t respect Kevin Hart, then we’re not sure we respect you.


Partnering with Nike last summer, Kevin Hart added another string to his bow by joining fans across the United States for runs and workout sessions that perfectly reflected the Philadelphia born star’s natural connection with his audience and his unflinching desire to entertain and engage, while improving his own fitness and stamina. Helping to build a greater understanding of Hart’s fitness and training regime which allows him to be so omnipotent in each of his many fields, Kevin invited Nike into the gym to detail his routine and make it clear that it’s No Joke.