Off The Pitch: Jack Rodwell – Talks Balotelli’s Style, Dzeko’s Music and Walter White

We talk all things Off The Pitch with Manchester City's Jack Rodwell...

Tego Sigel

6 years ago

By Tego Sigel


Football players have likes, loves and lives outside of the game, and in our new feature we set-out to discover exactly what it is that gets Manchester City midfielder Jack Rodwell’s motor running Off The Pitch. Talking golf, Walter White, gaming and more, the England man gave us an up close look at the life of an international star.

Photography JPH

What are you watching on TV at the moment?
At the moment I’d say Breaking Bad is up there with my favourites. I’m into Dexter as well, so I’m just waiting for the final season of that to come out. It was on TV, but I refused to watch it.

Would you say you’re trying to become a little bit more like Walter White?
I think everybody tries to, don’t they? He’s such a great character. I’ve just finished season five part one and I can’t wait. He’s a role model in some ways [laughs]. I’m watching it on DVD, I can’t watch one a week, I have to watch the next episode.

What would we find on your iPod at the moment?
I’m a mixed bag really, I like a lot, but I’ve just started trying to learn the guitar, so a lot of acoustics. I’m starting to read into that a bit more. I’m not learning from any of them, I’m not at that standard, but I like the likes of Eric Clapton and all of these amazing acoustic players. I’m just trying to drip-feed myself into that kind of music.

Do you think your iPod would be embraced in the Manchester City dressing room?
I don’t think they’d appreciate Nirvana or Eric Clapton or anything like that [laughs], but there are a few music tastes in our dressing room to be honest. The music is standard every week. It’s all the new R&B and hip hop so it’s pretty good. I don’t mind listening to that as well.

If you were forced to swap iPods with somebody in the Manchester City dressing room, whose would you actively avoid?
Aleksandar Kolarov and Edin Džeko! They always have this Serbian Opera singer and they always sing it on the back of the bus and god knows what they’re singing. I don’t know if it’s Serbian or Italian, but it’s dreadful anyway.

Are you big into gaming?
I like PlayStation; I’m into the new Tiger Woods. [I play] a game of golf now and again, there’s a few nice courses around my house, so with a few friends or my dad or my brother, we’ll have a knockabout.

How much attention do you pay to your clothes?
I’m not one of them who will buy something because of the brand name, or anything like that but obviously you want to look nice; I don’t really stand in the mirror and try to match everything perfectly. Sometimes I’m so lazy I just throw anything on really. Obviously I like the adidas Originals, it’s good to wear casually and if you go to a meal or something, it’s nice to wear the trainers and stuff like that.

Who do you think wears the worst clothes at Manchester City?
Mario Balotelli’s [style] was awful, but he’s gone now. James Milner usually comes in wearing golf gear everyday, so whether that is his actual dress sense or he just pretends to play golf I don’t know.

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