We get to grips with the latest online streaming service better known as Netflix

8 years ago

By Teg

We’ve been using Netflix for a couple of weeks now – joining the 23 million people who are using the streaming service worldwide – and after weeks of “testing” we can officially reveal… it’s pretty big.

Ok, ‘pretty big’ is a bit far, it’s very good although lacking a few gems. For instance instead of loads of woeful movies not even Channel 5 would show how about some classic feature films for instance ANYTHING by acclaimed director Ridley Scott. That’s right, no Black Hawk Down, Gladiator or anything Alien. Nothing. Forget the films of Christopher Nolan, almost everything decent from Will Smith and the good films from Guy Richie (2005’s ill-fated Revolver is available however).

What you do get is some great television though – with support from the likes of Channel 4 (The Inbetweeners, Peep Show, Misfits), BBC (Red Dwarf, Top Gear, Little Britain) and ITV (TOWIE, Secret Diary…, Cracker). For the TV addict you’ll be pleased to find programmes from MTV, Comedy Central and CBS.

What We’ve Been Watching

Chapelle’s Show
Breaking Bad
The IT Crowd
Blue Streak
The Next Three Days
It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Pete Vs. Life

Love the fact that whether you’re watching a Netflix program on Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, iPad, iPhone, desktop, Apple TV or even Nintendo Wii, it keeps the position of where you last watched. This is great for those on the move.


Sneakily watch Breaking Bad on your work computer, then on the iPad on the bus home – make sure you have a decent 3G connection of course – and then on the Xbox when you’re at home. Simple, but brilliant.

Suggestions For You is much like any other service that tries to make you buy/ read/ surf more. Netflix suggest films and TV programs to users. This is great for people who like certain genres/ eras/ actors. Instead of hunting it out… it hunts you.

Really like the ability to search for films, TV, actors, directors or genres. Although not EVERY category is available as a search option for the iPad, this feature works will on the desktop version of Netflix.



With Popular on Facebook, it seems like not everyone has this option turned on as not much was “Popular on Facebook” when we signed up. Expect this to take off shortly though as we see Netflix slowly becoming a greatly used service.

Just For Kids is perfect for those with little brothers/ sisters/ anyone under the age of 12 that you want to distract for 90 odd minutes when the football is on. With character selection, easy-to-understand genres like superheroes, dinosaurs, etc. you can just give them the remote and back away slowly. The team behind the subscription service explain; “Netflix “Just for Kids” makes it easier and more fun for kids and families to browse and instantly watch a large selection of child-friendly TV programmes and films. Since introducing the section in August 2011, Netflix members have watched more than one billion hours of kids’ titles.

If you like watching unlimited films, especially classics like Top Gun, or tremendous TV shows like Peep Show – and you don’t mind parting with a measly £5.99 a month – then this is you!!!